Monday, September 8, 2014

Tender Mercies of The Lord - September 8, 2014

Hola familia?
Como les ha ido? I am very glad you all had a great time at the family reunion! Congratulations Dad on getting your Woodbage! Excited to visit that lake when I come back. I did not get abuelitas email yet. I decided to keep the Costco GPS because it has this great feature where it programs your route to avoid traffic and has a traffic and weather receiver. It is really cool and has helped us alot. It was the more expensive one but felt we could utilize very well, but what do you think? I can't believe my birthday is coming up! One thing I have seen on the mission that I have really liked is this belt that adjusts to any size of your waist. I sometimes feel that my waist gets thinner and then my pants start falling down because my belt will only go to a certain length. My companion has it and said he bought his adjustable belt at Mr. Mac. If you could check that out that would be great! You could send anything if you can send some fun colored ties like light blue, yellow, orange or red. We can have a broader style of ties while proselyting but what ever style or color you think looks good. :) It also has been approved that we can watch "17 Miracle" and "Ephraims Rescue" if you want to send those but not sure when I would have time to watch them but I could watch it on a p-day or something. But whatever you want to send I will be happy with anything! Thank you mom for all you do for me!
Also do you know by any chance Grandmas and Grandpas new address in Washington DC? I would like to write them a letter. This last week was great! We earned three new investigators! Here are the progress of our investigators:
Natalia: We had a great conversation with her last Friday. We asked her what was her vision for herself? When we asked that she really opened up and talked about her very serious blood/heart disease and how she feels like she is not getting better. We told her that she can find the peace she is looking for in Christ and in the scriptures. We promised her as representatives of Jesus Christ that her health will improve if she gave up coffee. She said she does not know and after we offered her a substitute called Ozro that has the same jumpstart as coffee but without the coffee bean. She said she has tried it and has not really worked. She knows she needs to be baptized but does not want to give up coffee and go to church. We really love her and are praying what to do next.
Cesar: He is one of our new investigators that we picked up Saturday from Guatemala. We found while we were street contacting last week and said we could come back. He said he would like to start attending a church again and really enjoyed our lesson. We introduced the BOM and was very curious about and was excited to find out more. He struggles with reading so we are going to bring by the BOM on CD. We told he that this is a history of his ancestors and started to get more curious about it. He said he will try to read it and is going to pray about it. He had great questions like why are there so many churches on the earth? He is very prepared and had a spiritual lesson. We have a return appointment with him next Saturday.
Mario: His wife was giving birth at the hospital the night we visited and had a short lesson with Marios father about scripture reading. They are both interested to learn more and we are excited to see them progress more in the gospel.
Moses: When we visited him yesterday, he had two of his friends were over and had a great lesson about mutual. They are all under the age of 14 and were really good boys with good Catholic values. We explained some of the fun activities that they do and also brought our 18 year old Haitian member to help explain more about it. They said they would like to go! We got the information of the two boys and said that we could come over and talk more about the gospel with their parents.
Adriana: We visited her for the first time yesterday and told us she was visited by missionaries back in December. We started talking about the BOM and told us that she has read and prayed about the BOM and knows that it is true! We then invited her to be baptized and said she feels she needs more time to prepare herself and gain a stronger testimony of the church. We urged her to continue her strengthening of her testimony. We set a returned appointment. It was a great spiritual lesson.
We had a cool experience last night, we just got out of a lesson found out that we were at 18 lessons for the week and wanted to meet our goal of 20 lessons. I said a quick prayer asking if we could found someone to teach. The first house I saw and told my companion we should try it. We knocked and this fifteen year old Guatemalan boy opens the door smiling named Ivan. We introduced ourselves and asked if we could share a quick scripture. We shared 1 Nephi 1:12 about reading the scriptures and being filled with the spirit. He really liked it and as we were teaching him his mom came down and joined us for the closing prayer and we asked if we could come back and they said of course. It was a great miracle! Our last lesson that night turned out to be with this minister that really likes how the Mormon church operates but did not agree on a lot of our doctrine. We talked about the spirit word and spirit prison and how the bible is the only word of God. We testified that we knew the Book of Mormon is true and invited him to read it. He said he will try and wanted to speak with us another time. Grateful to be a missionary and to see all the tender mercies of the Lord. I love you Dad, Mom and Tanner and Mckay so very much! Thank you for your continuing support and prayers.
Elder Plummer

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