Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Saying good bye to my mission by visiting Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty - December 7, 2015

I am going to miss my mission so much!!

What a fun day!!

Lady Liberty!!

Manhattan in the background

On the ferry to Ellis Island

This is Cecilia, Elder Plummer's mom. Our family has also been on a mission these last two years and they have been wonderful with its up and downs, but very worth it.
This blog is becoming a book tomorrow and it is our hope that it will be a great testimony builder and inspiration to whoever reads it, especially our Plummer posterity.

What a great way to say good-bye to your mission by visiting the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan Temple! I get to see my boy in 7 days from today.


A Wonderful Thanksgiving Celebration, truly a feeling of gratitude - Visit to the Manhattan Temple- Turkey Bowl at Princeton- It came to pass that we lived in a manner of happiness!

Absolutely loved the Manhattan Temple 
My wonderful zone

Cruising NYC

Our nice study room in East Brunswick

Wonderful Thanksgiving with Carmen Ortiz

Elder Todd Christofferson grew up in East Brunswick and left on his mission from this ward

Turkeybowl at Princeton - Nov. 2015 

My wonderful Zone 6 - "And It came to pass that we lived in a manner of happiness"!

Hello family!
Thank you for sending the Thanksgiving pictures! I miss the
thanksgiving dinners in our basements! Always remembered how fun the
dinners were. Today I just sent home two boxes full of books and and
some other stuff I want to save. It should arrive at the house this
I have a lot of mixed emotions. I am excited to come home but I
really going to miss the mission.
We had thanksgiving at the Bishops parents house, the Allongos. It
was sooooo good and we invited our investigators Angel and Edith to
join us for Thanksgiving and they came! Bishop also invited some of
his non member friends and at the end of dinner we shared the
restoration. We felt that the spirit was there. Bishops friends had a
lot of questions. We felt that he wanted to bible bash but was
respectful about it. After Angel told us that his family really
needed this dinner as they were struggling financially.
The next day we had a powerful gospel of Jesus Christ lesson with
Angel and Edith. They told us after that kneeling prayer we had with
them last time, they felt at peace. At the end of the lesson they asked
what they need to do to get baptized! They didn't want to set a date
yet but they are working towards it. We ended with a family kneeling
prayer. Super cool. I feel I was sent for them.

I love you so much!!
Elder Plummer

My last transfer is to the city of East Brunswick with Elder Cook

My old trainee, Elder Johnson

My new comp, Elder Cook
Goooood morning dear dad, mom, Tanner and Mckay!!
Mom and dad you look great in that temple photo! I am now in East Brunswick with Elder Cook! We served in the same Ward in Union city so I know him pretty well. He is from Seattle Washington. He is 26 years old and has been out for a year and almost a half. He is supper funny! This is my first time in a four man with two other English speaking elders. It is super crazy. It is crazy I am still a zone leader! Haha, this will be my fifth transfer. It has been good. Elder Cook and I have been doubled into the area which means we are both new to the area.
So we tried this investigator yesterday name Francis. He gladly let us in and we had a good restoration lesson with his wife. Patricia the wife, understood it very well. Elder Cook is very good at teaching very simply. We ended with a kneeling prayer and after we asked them how they felt. They said they felt peaceful and calm. We assigned them a chapter to read and said they will read it as a couple! We were so excited!
Last night we met with a less active named Alex. He expressed how he would like to go back to church. We got to know him and his interests and promised him that the blessing that he wants can be his. He then said he is going to talk to his boss tomorrow to get Sundays off. I felt that we really conveyed our love to him.
Also when is the latest I can turn in my MTC applicant video? I love you all dearly! Thank you for your support and love! I pray for you all!

Love, Elder Plummer