Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Peruvian Food time, the best!!! Our Peruvian investigator, Miriam treats us so good! CPR is saving lives!

Papa a la Huancaina and arroz con pollo made by Miriam, it was Delicious
Miriam from Peru made this amazing Peruvian dish!!

Hey family!

We had a fast paced great week! Elder Johnson's Spanish is coming along. He gets discouraged sometimes but I keep reminding him that it is a process to learn Spanish and to keep praying for the gift of tongues. Everyday we go over a tense and we practice it with the exercises in the book on the white board. It seems to help.
Andrea: She came to church yesterday for the first time for a month. She only stayed for sacrament but enjoyed it. We taught the basics of CPR! Church, Prayer, Reading to spiritually revive someone. It was a great lesson. She is having a lot problems with her husband and has been really struggling with the divorce. She said that she has found a peace in our message and has helped her through her problems. We are going to put her on baptismal date very soon.
Meirna: We might drop her because she is not progressing. She likes the message and the Mormon channel. It is hard to drop people but sometimes it is necessary to make time to teach other people that are prepared.
Enrique: He finally came to church! We have been trying to get him to church for months. He likes sacrament meeting and fits right in with the young men. We are going to teach him this week!
Hno. Sorto: He is a less active that is returning. He came to church yesterday for the first time in months! We visited him last Saturday and we had a good time. He showed us all his DJ equipment and all his gadgets. It was pretty cool. We shared with him the importance of church attendance and such a strong spirit came in. It was awesome!
Rodolfo: He came to church yesterday as well! It was a miracle. He does not like coming to church because of his health. It was great to see him. We taught him as well about attending church a couple days before. He is going to attend more regularly now.
Miriam: She was the one that made us the really good papa la huacaina! She as well has not attended church because of work. We promised her that if she read her scriptures and attended church that the health of her mother will improve in Peru. She did not attend yesterday but she may have visited the other chapel in Union City.
Marciela: She is progressing towards the temple. We are helping her get off coffee. We saw her in a coffee shop and we stopped by and asked if we could throw away her coffee. She laughed and said that it would be for the best. Funny experience. Yesterday we had a lesson on patriarchal blessings in gospel doctrine and afterwards she wanted to get her blessing. We are going to help her with the necessary steps to get it.
This week it looks like we will reach 70 degrees! It fluctuates between 50 and 65 lately. We are already wearing our short sleeves. The members feed us so much and we are trying to eat healthier by making smoothies and cooking our own food. IT has been great. I love this work! We really are making a difference daily to all those around us. Missionary has changed our family as well. Really cool to see what difference we make. I love you all so dearly! I am excited to see you all for mother's day!

 Elder Plummer

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Yao's Baptism was amazing.....

A happy day for Yao and us!!

Yao before his baptism

Yao and his mom before being baptized
My West New York District

Hey family!

 I hope you enjoying Washington DC! I love the East coast! Tell Grandma and Grandpa hi for me. We don't have a lot of time to write today but we will have some time tomorrow.
We had a great Easter with the Rosario family. We ate so much yesterday! It was great!
Thank you for the package! I love dark chocolate as you already know.

Yao's baptism went great! a lot of his inactive family were there and we felt such a special feeling. It was the most joy and peace I had felt. It was incredible.
So like, I said I will be writing yall again tomorrow! Love you all so dearly!


Elder Plummer

The Lord of Many Miracles!! Love D&C 84:61

Elder Johnson and I by the Hudson, with Lower Manhattan in the back

My fun district

 It has been quiet a week. The weather is now in the 60s and we are talking with more people. We had a cool miracle last Friday. We were walking towards a less actives house at the end of a long day of being cancelled on. We were kind of down but we kept going. I got a feeling to try this potentials house name Enrique that we sometimes play soccer with on Thursdays. We decided to knock on the door and he was home! We went in and his mom and his sisters were all there.
We sat down with them and explained to Enrique's mom named Dalyla (Dominicans) who we were and we started to teach the restoration. The spirited guided us as we answered her questions about the church and us. She then expressed that she wants to go to a church that helps family become stronger and keep her kids on the right path. We testified that this message of the restored gospel will grow that unity and keep her kids on the right path and how it has helped me and my family. She liked the story and how it related to her. We introduced the Young mens and womens program.
The spirit was present. After we finished the lesson she asked us, "when can you come back'? It was awesome and set an appointment for next week. She ended with a beautiful prayer thanking Heavenly Father for more missionary visits to come! Grateful for that experience!
We called Andrea yesterday to see how she has been doing because we had not heard from her in awhile. She said she was not doing good and wanted to isolate herself from others but wants to talk with us. We set an appointment for this Tuesday. Pray for her. 

        We have also been cleaning out the ward list finding less actives and inactives. We have found many people. Yesterday we found this guy that has been taught by the missionaries for a couple years and wondered why they did not come back. We had a good talk with him but said he is not interested to listen anymore but he said his friend is a member. We are coming back to visit hopefully him.
The Other elders and the sisters got a baptism last week! The sisters baptized a 9year old girl named Lucia and the Elders baptized the lady named Jennifer. They were both great. Yao was not confirmed yesterday because they were late for church but will be confirmed next week.
These next couple of weeks, we will be working with the members on bringing their non member friends to a open house we will be having on May 16th. We will be practicing what they will say to their friends and increase their confidence in sharing the gospel. We are excited! We found one scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 84:61 about bearing testimony and many others we have found that we will share with our members. Tanner, how is you mission prep going?

I love you Dad, Mom, Tanner and Mckay so dearly!
Love, Elder Plummer

The Lord answers our specific prayers!!!

Hey family!
   I do not have a lot of time but wanted to let you know I am doing great.  Just want to share a cool experience we had yesterday.  Elder Johnson prayed Monday night that we would find a man wearing a white hat walking down a certain street at a certain time.  Right after zone meeting ended we got ready and rushed over to the spot we prayed for, and we found the man we have been praying to find.  Right when we got there, we found a man wearing a white hat walking down that certain street!  We contacted him and told us that his nephew had served a mission in Ecuador! He was not a member but really liked our church.  
      His name was Carlos from Ecuador and he is really interested in our English class we teach during the weeks.  We gave him our information and said he will try to attend the English class we offer. Cool experience. I know the Lord is mindful and answers our specific prayers.  Prayer works!

Well, I love you all!  I hope you all are enjoying DC!
Love, Elder Plummer

Great dinner with the bishop and his family

March 23, 2015 - Great training by President Taggart's son (push back rejection)

Hey family,
The weather is warming up in the 40s! This last week we went to leadership conference and we were trained by President Taggart's son how to contact effectively. He is number one at Vivint in selling alarms in the whole company and gave us so many good tips.
That same night we went out contacting using the strategy we learned by pushing back rejection and talking with confidence and enthusiasm and we set 2 return appointment for the next day! It really works!
Saturday we received a call from a member that we visited a couple days ago and said that her 10 year grandson would like to be baptized. He just arrived from the Dominican Republic. We had our first lesson with him on the restoration. Yao understood it very well for a young boy. He is excited to be baptized and have set a baptism date of April 5th! We are excited for him!
Marciela: She is a less active but on her way to full activity. One thing that helped her come back to activity is the relief society asking if she could help them for their upcoming pioneer play and show. She is really into theater and has been helping them every since. She loves it! Right now we are helping her be consistent on her scripture study.
Miriam: She is still working on Sundays but is praying and reading her scriptures. She loves us a lot and never wants us to leave her house. She makes us so much good food and is so loving. She really takes care of us and makes sure we are fed and happy. She is great!
Chavez Family: They came to church again with all her 7 kids! 2 weeks in a row! I am so proud of them! With her crazy divorce she has decided to turn to the church for help and start trusting in the Lord. We are going to visit her this week!
Mierna: She is still listening to the mormon channel and loves it. We are trying to get her to listen to the scriptures. She looks over the pamphlets and prays but is really hard to get her to church. We are going to help her on that this week.
Elder Johnson is doing great! He is improving his Spanish little by little and is a good example of diligence. Here in West New York the members feed us so much! So, I think I gain and then lose weight as I walk! The food here is so good! I love it.
I love you all dearly! I am grateful to be a representative of the Lord and know he guides us every moment. I have gained a great love for the New Testament! I love the miracles and the stories the apostles report and have felt the spirit so strongly! Love you all!

Elder Plummer
Miriam from Peru, great faith!!

March 16, 2015 - Building relationships of trust

Querida familia!

How are you doing? We do have a different schedule with a trainee. We have an extra hour of comp study where we go through the First 12 weeks Program. It is such an amazing program where it goes very in depth in scriptures and doctrine. I am learning a lot as well. We try to do our language study together and it has been helping his Spanish. He is improving well. Thank you for the packet! I am excited to get it. Also give President Shaw my best and thank him for all he has done.
Elder Johnson has a great attitude about missionary work. He is excited and is a hard worker. We have been visiting many former investigators.

Hernando: We contacted him about three weeks ago and when we did, he said he has taken the missionary lessons before. We got down his information and we called him a week later to set up an appointment with him. We found out in the beginning of the lesson that he was baptized 15 years ago in Union City. He says he is still in communication with the missionary that baptized him. We invited him back to church and went over the restoration with him again. He remembered some parts but we needed to review some parts. He said that he is going to come back to church when he gets all his family from Mexico. We are going to try to keep constant communication with him. It was a great lesson.
Mirna: She is from Puerto Rico and she has been investigating for a couple months. She has a hard time keeping commitments especially reading the BOM. But we showed her the Mormon Channel and also the scriptures online. She loved the music that the Mormon Channel played. She has a good spirit about her, we are going to help her see the importance of church this next week
David: He was on date for baptism but did not pass the interview with the zone leader. The zone leaders feel he needs to have a stronger testimony. So, we have been helping him realize that he must read, study and pray to know if the BOM is true. Before he said that he believes the BOM and also believes that all church lead to God. David was not very happy with the baptismal interview and does not want to comply on what we are asking him. We may discontinue teaching him depending on our next lesson we have with him. Please pray for him.
Luis: We read with him 2 Nephi 31 about the doctrine of Christ. The spirit was very strong and invited him at the end of the lesson to pray about the BOM. He did so and we all felt a good spirit. He also has a hard time keeping commitments but said he will finish 2 nephi 31.
Chavez Family (LA): Sister Chavez is going through a very ugly divorce. We visited her Saturday night and finally said she needs to talk with the bishop tomorrow. She asked if we could walk over to the church with her and her six kids all under the age of 13. It was quite an experience as we walked over and making sure the kids did not run into the street. This was her first time attending church in the last 4 or 5 months and the members received back very warmly.
Basketball: One activity we started last transfer was Wednesday afternoon basketball time. It has gotten very big with about 25 to 30 people showing up. We share a scripture in the beginning and we get to know the people that come and hopefully get their contact information. It is so fun and we have many guys that are amazing and we also have some street ballers as well, that have crazy ball handling skills. It is pretty fun to watch.
This week we are going to work on gaining the members trust and finding less actives. So we can get some referrals.
Anyways, Tanner how is your mission prep going? Hope all is well. I love you Dad, Mom, Tanner and Mckay so very much. Hope you have a great week!
Love Elder Plumer