Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Lord of Many Miracles!! Love D&C 84:61

Elder Johnson and I by the Hudson, with Lower Manhattan in the back

My fun district

 It has been quiet a week. The weather is now in the 60s and we are talking with more people. We had a cool miracle last Friday. We were walking towards a less actives house at the end of a long day of being cancelled on. We were kind of down but we kept going. I got a feeling to try this potentials house name Enrique that we sometimes play soccer with on Thursdays. We decided to knock on the door and he was home! We went in and his mom and his sisters were all there.
We sat down with them and explained to Enrique's mom named Dalyla (Dominicans) who we were and we started to teach the restoration. The spirited guided us as we answered her questions about the church and us. She then expressed that she wants to go to a church that helps family become stronger and keep her kids on the right path. We testified that this message of the restored gospel will grow that unity and keep her kids on the right path and how it has helped me and my family. She liked the story and how it related to her. We introduced the Young mens and womens program.
The spirit was present. After we finished the lesson she asked us, "when can you come back'? It was awesome and set an appointment for next week. She ended with a beautiful prayer thanking Heavenly Father for more missionary visits to come! Grateful for that experience!
We called Andrea yesterday to see how she has been doing because we had not heard from her in awhile. She said she was not doing good and wanted to isolate herself from others but wants to talk with us. We set an appointment for this Tuesday. Pray for her. 

        We have also been cleaning out the ward list finding less actives and inactives. We have found many people. Yesterday we found this guy that has been taught by the missionaries for a couple years and wondered why they did not come back. We had a good talk with him but said he is not interested to listen anymore but he said his friend is a member. We are coming back to visit hopefully him.
The Other elders and the sisters got a baptism last week! The sisters baptized a 9year old girl named Lucia and the Elders baptized the lady named Jennifer. They were both great. Yao was not confirmed yesterday because they were late for church but will be confirmed next week.
These next couple of weeks, we will be working with the members on bringing their non member friends to a open house we will be having on May 16th. We will be practicing what they will say to their friends and increase their confidence in sharing the gospel. We are excited! We found one scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 84:61 about bearing testimony and many others we have found that we will share with our members. Tanner, how is you mission prep going?

I love you Dad, Mom, Tanner and Mckay so dearly!
Love, Elder Plummer

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