Friday, July 31, 2015

July 27, 2015 - Miracles happening in Union City

Trying to eat healthy (green smoothy...)

Union City, NJ- from the top of the roof

Crazy, four buildings burned down to the ground

Elder White and I Eating pupusas with Velardes from Colombia
     Thank you so much for the package mom! The cliff bars are keeping me alive. The protein is so good, thank you mom. We had a miracle happen yesterday. We contacted into this Ecuadorian man named Marcos while trying a former investigator. He received us warmly and was surprised to see us. He said that he used to be taught by elders back in Ecuador but was not baptized. He then testified to us that he knows the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph smith was a prophet. He then told us that 20 years ago before he left his country an elder promised him that one day missionaries will knock his door again and you will have another copy of the Book of Mormon. He then said that after 20 years that promised is now fulfilled. We were all overcome with such a joy and peace. The spirit testified to me that we had found one of his lost sheep.  God is a God of miracles. I am a witness of that. We set an appointment with him for this Tuesday and gave him a copy of the BOM. He said he was going to read it at work right away. The Lord works through the weak and simple to bring about His divine work. 
      We found a couple new investigators all from the Dominican Republic. I feel I have finally developed an ear to understand their fast Spanish. I love Dominicans! They are happy, God fearing people and willing to listen. We had a good lesson with Leo from the DR. We taught the restoration and there was a good spirit in the room. We are not for sure if he understood everything even though he tells us he does but we are going to see next visit. He is a fun guy that sings and loves to dance. We have lost contact with Domingo. We call him and drop by often but he does not answer. We are praying to see him soon. We also taught this guy named Rafael that we tracked into and kindly let us in. He gave us water and was very hospitable. He told us that he is not going to convert because he is Catholic but he is willing to listen. We focused on Gods love for us and how he will guide though prophets. He said he believes in the trinity that they are one. We urged him strongly to at least give our message a chance by asking God. He said he will at least read and pray. We also found Owens from Central America. He has interest but his wife is very Catholic. She is very controlling of him and said they will not convert. We told them that one of our main purposes is to increase your faith in Jesus Christ. They liked that we did not bash with them and said they will at least look at the gospel library app. 
     We are also working with Ewelid from El Salvador. We are trying to get him to read and pray but he is so busy. He is going to play soccer on Thursday with the guys at the church. It has been an incredible week, I love you all so much. Hope you are all enjoying your summer! I know that God loves us dearly.
Loves, elder plummer 

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July 15, 2015 I'm being transferred to Union City - The All Mission Conference was so much fun!

It was so wonderful to see my whole mission together

My fun zone 3!!!

Hey family!
Sorry I did not write you all on Monday. We had an all mission
conference where we played sports, had skits, food, etc. It was so fun!
I will send you some pictures. I got to see elder Johnson
yesterday. He is with Elder Leon, a Peruvian from Lima. His Spanish has
gotten very good.  I am in Union city now! It is close to west New
York but we are now in a different zone.  I have been on a couple
exchanges here.  I am with E. White from South Jordan, Utah. He is a
cool guy. We have a good size Ward with about 50 to 60 attending
regularly with a lot of less actives. They have a great bishopric. The
bishop is from Guatemala and one of the counselors is from Honduras.
There are four companionships in this Ward. There is an companionship
per about every 10 to 15 streets due to the condensed population per
We have been in our finding stage looking for people to teach. It is
very easy to contact since there is a lot of people on the streets. We
have been talking to at least 10 to 15 people a day.  We have been
teaching  this Dominican guy named Domingo. We had a good restoration
with him and felt a good spirit while we were there. In prayer he said
he felt something. We invited him to church but was not for sure if he
could go. After the lesson we called a member to invite him to church.
That Sunday he surprised us and he showed up to church. He liked the
spirit he felt but could be there for the first hour. The Lord is and
will bless us. We have been learning a lot about faith and how we need
to not counsel the Lord and that we need to be humble and receive his
counsel. I am working on being more humble and act on the counsel He
gives us.
    We also had the actor from Napoleon Dynamite that played Trisha
come to our mission. Her mother in law is serving here and invited her
to sing.  She is a really good singer. Super cool. Also, mom if you
have some time, could you send some protein powder?
Well, I hope you are all enjoying summer! I love you and pray for you.

Elder Plummer.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Good-bye Trenton, I am going to miss this area - I will find out tomorrow where I am going

Elder Mendez and I last photo - I am going to miss my comp

Our wonderful Trenton District - I am going to miss them!!

Hey family!
So I'm getting transferred from Trenton! I'm kind of sad, but I know the
Lord has need of me in another area. I am going to miss Elder Mendez.
I have learned so much from him. It is a shock to me and to the zone.
We had a great week. For Fourth of July we spend time with some
members and had a great dinner. We did not see a lot of fireworks
since it is illegal to purchase them. But we had a good time.
Cool story: I was on exchange with elder Cuyan from the Philippines.
Awesome elder. And we walked by this young man and greeted him and did
not think much of it. We then couldn't find the address and then
decided to go back. We talked with Luis for a little while and decided
to share the BOM. He was very focused for a 14 yr old and said he
would read the BOM. We then testified that he can receive an answer to
know the BOM is true. He then said before we talked with him, he prayed
that somebody would talk with him because he was bored. He knew God
answered prayers. I called this Saturday and said he has been reading.
They will teach him next week.
The Hernandez family is progressing slowly. Juan though is going
strong without drinking. He says it has been so hard and wants to
relapse. We are going to see them tonight or later this week. We gave
them the WOW Word of Wisdom - pamphlets and we are going to follow up with them next
Saturday we had a solid day. We found a couple investigators. We found
this cool family that were very warm and kind towards us. They
listened and understood very well. The spirit was there and we feel an
interest from them. We also taught Sullay from Puerto Rico. She said
she has not read but will this next week. We went though the plan of
salvation and she asked so many great questions and would do
reflective listening. She said she wants to follow the great example
of her grandmother that recently passed away who was a firm
evangelical. We testified that she would be able to see her grand
mother again.
I am going to miss all the members here. They are so supportive and
loving. I got to know them very well. I am glad Tanner is doing
Looks like you all had fun at the RSL fireworks! Well, I love you all
so dearly. Glad you are all doing well!

 Elder Plummer

Friday, July 3, 2015

Finding in Trenton - So proud of Tanner to go on his mission, fun at the beach!!! 6.29.15

At Keyport Beach - an hour east of Trenton

We enjoyed some volleyball on P-Day

Beautiful Keyport Beach

Family and Tanner!

Man, Tanner I cant believe you are leaving this Wednesday on your mission! I didn't go the the Provo MTC but you are going to eat GOOD! I will be praying for you.
Also, mom the Ecco shoes have been working great! They dont have any laces which is what I like. Thank you! Also thank you for the pictures from Tanners departing party. You all look great.
This week we have visited the Hernandez family a couple of times. The first time he was really struggling with some word of wisdom problems .we sat down with his wife and talked about the consequences if he keeps in the same path he is in. He says he knows and he is going to stop. The next visit he had stopped drinking for a couple days. We were so proud of him. He looked so much better but he said it has been hard. We shared the gospel of Jesus Christ. It went well and we had a good talk on what are the next steps of recovering from his addiction. We are excited for their progression.
Last Tuesday I went on exchange with one of our district leaders Elder Fisher in Princeton. We tried this investigator named Dave that lived in Trenton. He told us he has been struggling with some word of wisdom problems and that the drugs he took has been affecting his mind. He kept telling us that he wants to change but feels like he is too messed up. He felt supper down. We testified that he is loved by his Heavenly Father and his Savior died for him. We also told him it does not matter what he has done he can come back. The spirit was present and he thought about that. We asked if he would like a blessing and he accepted. As I gave him the blessing, I felt the love of God for Dave. Felt the Spirit dictating what he needed to hear. After we gave the blessing. He felt so much lighter and he was smiling. Super cool experience.
Last night we were visiting with Santiago when his wife joined us which we have seen a couple times. We felt prompted to watch the restoration with them. There was such a good spirit as we watched it and after it was done he said it made sense to him. After we testified of the prophet Joseph Smith his wife commented that she was baptized when she was 16 years old! Her husband did not even know and they have been married for more than 20 years! She explained how she was very active in the church and how she heard some false rumors and fell away.. She expressed that she wants to come back. So cool. They are awesome.
Tanner, Good luck! You will do great! 

 I love you all so dearly!

Elder Plummer

June Manhattan Temple Trip - What a beautiful sight!

On the way to the temple

My comp asleep

Walking the streets of Manhattan

Downtown Manhattan

Manhattan New York Temple

Elder Melendez and I 

Angel Moroni on the top

June 15, 2015 -The gospel changes people's lives for the better

I am very excited for Tanner, I know he will do great. Well, it reaches up to 95 degrees and with the humidity it feels like a 100! So the brother that called you is Rigoberto. He is on his 70s and is very active in missionary work. He has been coming out with us a lot. He got very excited when he found out I was half Peruvian and wanted to call you. I told him to call later but he insisted to call now. Haha, he is awesome. Also happy birthday, McKay, I can't believe you're 16 already! I sent you a present that should come in the mail today. Did you receive the package with the presents and birthday card for dad?
Cool experience we were contacting up in east Windsor when we felt prompted to try this last door. This super nice guy opened up and said he has talked with missionaries before but it was very brief. We asked if we could share a message about Jesus Christ. He kindly let us in and right off the bat we felt like we connected with him. He has not been to a church for awhile but really appreciated the fact that his parents always took him to church and that is something he wants for his kids. Nestor is from Ecuador and has two kids and was raised catholic. We talked about the plan of salvation and how his family can be together forever. He could tell he wanted to know if this is true so we moved over to the Book of Mormon. He said he will read it. We hit off very well with him and we have a return appointment tomorrow. Awesome guy.
Rosemary is from the Dominican Republic and has two children as well. We found her a couple weeks ago contacting. She has been Christian most of her life so we talked about authority and the apostasy. She still feels that she has been baptized already but we testified that she can know by praying about the BOM. She said she will do it.
Alicia: she is from Guatemala and has one child. We met with her for the second time last week and told us she has been reading the book of Mormon. We taught her the plan of salvation with an emphasis on Gospel Of Jesus Christ. The spirit was there and we invited to be baptized when she knows these things are true and she accepted.
We have visiting and trying a lot of investigators and less actives. We are finding those that are willing to keep commitment and those that are not. We usually drop somebody if they do not progress within three visits. We have only had to drop a couple.
The zone is doing great, they are finding and getting people towards baptism. In the zone, we have missionaries in Princeton, Hightstown, North branch, English Trenton, freehold and Hanover. We have 20 missionaries in all and 3 district leaders. Our district leaders are great and a great examples to the missionaries.
Well, tomorrow we go to the temple! I will make sure to take a lot of pictures.
This time we have the opportunity to eat in Manhattan so we are very excited.
Tanner keep up your preparation! I know you are going to change lives in California.
I love you all so much! Thank you for your continuous prayers and support for me.

Love you all! :)

My study room
Elder Plummer