Friday, July 3, 2015

June 15, 2015 -The gospel changes people's lives for the better

I am very excited for Tanner, I know he will do great. Well, it reaches up to 95 degrees and with the humidity it feels like a 100! So the brother that called you is Rigoberto. He is on his 70s and is very active in missionary work. He has been coming out with us a lot. He got very excited when he found out I was half Peruvian and wanted to call you. I told him to call later but he insisted to call now. Haha, he is awesome. Also happy birthday, McKay, I can't believe you're 16 already! I sent you a present that should come in the mail today. Did you receive the package with the presents and birthday card for dad?
Cool experience we were contacting up in east Windsor when we felt prompted to try this last door. This super nice guy opened up and said he has talked with missionaries before but it was very brief. We asked if we could share a message about Jesus Christ. He kindly let us in and right off the bat we felt like we connected with him. He has not been to a church for awhile but really appreciated the fact that his parents always took him to church and that is something he wants for his kids. Nestor is from Ecuador and has two kids and was raised catholic. We talked about the plan of salvation and how his family can be together forever. He could tell he wanted to know if this is true so we moved over to the Book of Mormon. He said he will read it. We hit off very well with him and we have a return appointment tomorrow. Awesome guy.
Rosemary is from the Dominican Republic and has two children as well. We found her a couple weeks ago contacting. She has been Christian most of her life so we talked about authority and the apostasy. She still feels that she has been baptized already but we testified that she can know by praying about the BOM. She said she will do it.
Alicia: she is from Guatemala and has one child. We met with her for the second time last week and told us she has been reading the book of Mormon. We taught her the plan of salvation with an emphasis on Gospel Of Jesus Christ. The spirit was there and we invited to be baptized when she knows these things are true and she accepted.
We have visiting and trying a lot of investigators and less actives. We are finding those that are willing to keep commitment and those that are not. We usually drop somebody if they do not progress within three visits. We have only had to drop a couple.
The zone is doing great, they are finding and getting people towards baptism. In the zone, we have missionaries in Princeton, Hightstown, North branch, English Trenton, freehold and Hanover. We have 20 missionaries in all and 3 district leaders. Our district leaders are great and a great examples to the missionaries.
Well, tomorrow we go to the temple! I will make sure to take a lot of pictures.
This time we have the opportunity to eat in Manhattan so we are very excited.
Tanner keep up your preparation! I know you are going to change lives in California.
I love you all so much! Thank you for your continuous prayers and support for me.

Love you all! :)

My study room
Elder Plummer

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