Friday, July 31, 2015

July 27, 2015 - Miracles happening in Union City

Trying to eat healthy (green smoothy...)

Union City, NJ- from the top of the roof

Crazy, four buildings burned down to the ground

Elder White and I Eating pupusas with Velardes from Colombia
     Thank you so much for the package mom! The cliff bars are keeping me alive. The protein is so good, thank you mom. We had a miracle happen yesterday. We contacted into this Ecuadorian man named Marcos while trying a former investigator. He received us warmly and was surprised to see us. He said that he used to be taught by elders back in Ecuador but was not baptized. He then testified to us that he knows the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph smith was a prophet. He then told us that 20 years ago before he left his country an elder promised him that one day missionaries will knock his door again and you will have another copy of the Book of Mormon. He then said that after 20 years that promised is now fulfilled. We were all overcome with such a joy and peace. The spirit testified to me that we had found one of his lost sheep.  God is a God of miracles. I am a witness of that. We set an appointment with him for this Tuesday and gave him a copy of the BOM. He said he was going to read it at work right away. The Lord works through the weak and simple to bring about His divine work. 
      We found a couple new investigators all from the Dominican Republic. I feel I have finally developed an ear to understand their fast Spanish. I love Dominicans! They are happy, God fearing people and willing to listen. We had a good lesson with Leo from the DR. We taught the restoration and there was a good spirit in the room. We are not for sure if he understood everything even though he tells us he does but we are going to see next visit. He is a fun guy that sings and loves to dance. We have lost contact with Domingo. We call him and drop by often but he does not answer. We are praying to see him soon. We also taught this guy named Rafael that we tracked into and kindly let us in. He gave us water and was very hospitable. He told us that he is not going to convert because he is Catholic but he is willing to listen. We focused on Gods love for us and how he will guide though prophets. He said he believes in the trinity that they are one. We urged him strongly to at least give our message a chance by asking God. He said he will at least read and pray. We also found Owens from Central America. He has interest but his wife is very Catholic. She is very controlling of him and said they will not convert. We told them that one of our main purposes is to increase your faith in Jesus Christ. They liked that we did not bash with them and said they will at least look at the gospel library app. 
     We are also working with Ewelid from El Salvador. We are trying to get him to read and pray but he is so busy. He is going to play soccer on Thursday with the guys at the church. It has been an incredible week, I love you all so much. Hope you are all enjoying your summer! I know that God loves us dearly.
Loves, elder plummer 

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