Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ashton being interviewed by our dear friend Barbara Morgan for the Church News - Mexico MTC Dedication

If you like to go to 5:14, that's where Ashton's part is.

Ashton (Elder Plummer) being interviewed by our dear friend. Part of this interview was used for the article that appeared on the Church News on  February 15, 2014. This was an amazing surprise for us and for Ashton himself to meet someone that knew his family. A tender mercy from above. 

Elder Plummer's new area, Dunellen - New Jersey, February 24, 2014

Hola familia,
The address Sister Gilbert gave you is correct. We can also receive packages. Well, we have been doing a lot of walking and teaching short messages to less active members and a few investigators.  Dunellen is an old town that has the 1950s feel and a lot of small businesses such as restaurants, delis', markets and laundry mats. About half of the signs here are in Spanish or Portuguese.  The people are so nice here and are hard working and humble people.  Many of the members live in very humble circumstances but I have felt the spirit very strongly in their homes.  The branch is very excited because they now have an extra set of missionaries assigned to their branch. Elder Jeffries has been in this are for about 7 to 8 months and knows the members and less actives very well.    We visited a recent convert family named the Manzanos.  They were baptized a year ago and have three elementary aged kids.  They are a great family and are excited to progress more in the gospel.  Yesterday was my first day in the branch we are assigned to, which has an average attendance of 25 to 45 people each Sunday.  Also Dad did you know a Brother Wilber Medina?  He served in Arequipa in 85 to 86 and we talked a little bit about President Young. 
       Our branch mission leader is great.  He is very organized and has a strong testimony.  I also introduced myself to the branch and told them I was half Peruvian.  A lot of the branch could not believe it.  The branch is very small and has many less actives but we will do our best to change that.  One way we have to contact investigators is by playing soccer every Saturday afternoon at a nearby chapel. It is so much fun but it can get intense.  We have two main investigators.  Our first one we have had for awhile, her name is Luz and she is from Colombia and has been Catholic all her life.  We feel that she does not want to change her lifestyle, she lives with her boyfriend who is less active. We committed her to read 3 Nephi last time and pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true.  She said she will do it.
        Our newest investigator is Santos from Guatemala.  He is here in the States to learn English and for work and recently just learned Spanish. He grew up speaking a local language back in Guatemala.  We had a first meeting with him last night and taught  him about the restoration and the Book of Mormon. The spirit was so strong as we testified to him about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  I got to teach a quarter of the lesson and felt I did good. He seemed very interested about our church and was excited to read the Book of Mormon.  We also set a baptismal date on March 16!  We are excited and hopefully he follows through.  The other night we visited a less active named Johnny who is from Peru.  He was telling us about his troubles at work and other financial and health challenges. He also told us the time the Gospel and the missionaries helped him in times of crisis. My companion felt inspired to offer to give him a blessing of health.  It was a beautiful blessing and felt the spirit strongly.  We committed him to come to church last Sunday and he came.  It was great to see him. I have felt the strength of the Lord and the love he has for these people.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve my Savior.  I love you all so very much.  I have learned so much the week I have been out here.  
I love you!
Elder Plummer

Ashton and his friend from High School, Elder Muro, it's amazing and wonderful that close friends can serve in the same mission!!

Mexico MTC Dedication, It was an amazing experience for Ashton Feb. 9, 2014

 Mi corazón está tan lleno de felicidad, acabo de escuchar a mi misionero, Ashton Plummer dar la oración de apertura en español durante la Dedicación del CCM en México MTC (cortesía de un ángel volador). Traigo lágrimas de alegría al ver que en tan poco tiempo, ha crecido tanto. Se le escuchaba tan sabio con más sabiduria para su corta edad. Otra tierna misericordia de Dios.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Elder Plummer arrives safely in New Jersey, Monday, February 17, 2014 - Fearbuster in Newark

Had a great flight here to New Jersey and from my way to Dallas to New Jersey I sat next to a guy from India that lives in Dallas.  He is Hindu and is a doctor.  We had a great time talking about what missions are about and shared a brief summary about the Book of Mormon.  He was impressed that I was serving a mission paying out of my own pocket.  We had a great talk and was a great guy. Today we also went contacting in downtown Newark for 20 minutes.  I was amazed how many people said yes and were willing to listen a little bit about our church and accepted a pass-a-long card.  Some did decline, but it was a great experience.  I love you all!
Elder Plummer  

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Mexico MTC is dedicated as sacred ground on February 9, 2014 and Ashton says the opening prayer in Spanish

My heart is so full tonight, I just listened to my missionary son say the opening prayer in Spanish during the Mexico MTC Dedication (courtesy of a flying angel). It brought tears of joy to see that in such a short time, he has grown so much. He sounded so wise beyond his young age. Another tender mercy from heaven above. — February 15, 2014  His Spanish was flawless and perfect!!!
In this picture, Ashton is waiting to say the opening prayer.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mexico MTC Dedication by Elder Oaks and I was invited to say the opening prayer!!! Last week at the CCM!

Mexico MTC Dedication, Feb. 9, 2014, waving for the Church News Reporter and saying good-bye (my last week here)

Mexico MTC Dedication, February 9, 2014  picture courtesy of Church News Reporter

Hola familia!!                                                                                                Feb 11, 2014
What an amazing week!  Yes!  I did get to say the opening prayer for the Mexico MTC dedication in front of Elder Oaks!  I was so nervous but said a prayer and felt comforted and strengthened.  Mom, thank you for your prayers on Sunday, I felt it.  At the end of my prayer, Elder Oaks stuck out his hand for a handshake, I felt the power and the authority of his calling and was so cool to shake an apostle’s hand!  He gave a beautiful dedicatory prayer and stated that this MTC is vital for the work of salvation and will be a great MTC in this hemisphere.  We felt so blessed to have an apostle in our presence.  He gave a talk about being proactive and not waiting for the mission leaders to find members but to do service in any way we can.  He also talked about the great sacrifice and the faith the Mexican saints had to give up their beloved high school.  He said that Benemerito was always meant to be an MTC and was part of our Heavenly Father’s plan. It was so powerful and felt his strong spirit.  Others gave talks too about the great high school Benemerito was and how great this MTC will be.  Many surrounding mission presidents attended as well as many of the Seventy.  It was an amazing experience!  This lady was filming us before the dedication asking us what we felt to be in the presence of an apostle, when she came to me she asked me who my dad was and said I looked just like him.  I do not remember her name but she worked with dad in the religion department at BYU and also came down to Benemerito with dad a couple years ago for work.  She was really nice and said she remembered me when I was a kid.  She is bringing back a video of me saying my feelings about the dedication and said she will show it to dad.  It was amazing! 
           Well we are finishing up our investigators.  We have two new investigators, Cesar and Lucia.  Cesar is 16 and believes all religion is good.  We have been teaching him the power of the Holy Spirit and that he can know the Book of Mormon is true through a confirmation.  Lucia is 66 and has a disease that impairs her vision and her mobility.  She feels that the church is taking away her kids and grandchildren from her because they do not spend a lot of time with her.  We taught her that family is everything in our church and is essential to Heavenly Fathers plan. Also that the church has devoted one day out of the week to have family home evening.  Her heart was softened and felt the spirit very strongly.  We are going to teach her the plan of salvation next visit. Well, this is my last email from Mexico.  I have learned so much here at the CCM and have felt the spirit of the teachers and of the Lord.  This place is truly sacred.  Thank you for the package! I am very excited to receive it!  I love you all so much! and  I am so grateful for your prayers.  Thank you.  Love you!

Con amor, 
Elder Plummer

Last week at the Mexico MTC, this place is sacred ground for me!

Mexico MTC wonderful memories week 3

Ashton's Mexico MTC room, his is the one by the window. I asked about the flyswatter and he said there were no flies but other insects......

Nice surprise, former BYU roommate

Cates boys' having fun with Peruvian fingerpuppets

Ashton and his new companion, Elder Berkenheimer from California

The twin tower elders!!

Enjoying the great food at the MTC Cafeteria

Week 2 at the Mexico MTC with my Companion

Week 2 at the CCM or MTC in Mexico City

Saying good bye to the Family, January 8, 2014

Saying good-bye at the Salt Lake Airport on Jan.8, 2014

Dinner at Los Hermanos after being set apart by President Shaw
Tuesday, January 7, 2014 right after being set apart by President Shaw, a very special blessing!!
After many weeks of fun shopping outings, he got all done and ready to go!!!

Containing my tears....

This is Cecilia, Ashton's mom, I apologize I am very new at this blogging thing and I feel I need to add this before I get more new stuff from my missionary. So, here we go! We said good-bye to our wonderful son and brother on Jan. 8, 2014 at the Salt Lake City Airport. Elder Plummer left at 5:30am on his way to the Mexico City MTC.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Elder Plummer will give one of the prayers at the Mexico MTC Dedication by Elder Oaks

I just found out this morning that the Mexico MTC will be dedicated today, Sunday, February 9 by Elder Oaks and my son (Elder Plummer) will be giving one of the prayers. I am so happy for him, what a great privilege and blessing!!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mexico City Temple Visit

Ashton had the great opportunity to visit the Mexico City Temple and Visitors Center

Mexico MTC - February 4, 2014 - Beautiful Mexico City Temple Visit!

Hola familia!
Cómo están todos? Today we visited the Mexico City Temple!  It was beautiful, but it was closed for interior construction so we could not go through it.  I had a great experience at the visitor center.  I am going to send you some pictures of the temple.  The spirit is so strong there!  This last week we have been teaching our same two investigators, Daniel Plata and Daniel Ferdon, and those two are coming along.  We have a new investigator added this week and his name is Roberto Ortiz.  He is a golden investigator and has a testimony of God and Jesus Christ and loves his family.  We had a great experience teaching about the restoration and the Book of Mormon.  This last Sunday, Hermano Cates gave a great talk about staying focused on the work.  He shared great experiences from his mission in Chile and how we need to always stay focused.  It was a great talk.  Thank you for getting the package ready for me!  I am excited to receive it!  Thank you for sharing the Doctrine and Covenants section 4 scripture.  I have felt so blessed to serve and feel the spirit very strongly here.  I have felt the Lords tender mercies and his love.  So grateful for the gospel.  This last week we heard from a brother from the Seventy about working with the members to help investigators to the waters of baptism. We also heard from the 2nd councilor of the MTC presidency named Elder Torinio. He gave a great talk about eternal families.    Well, I love you all very much!!  Thank you for your prayers and love.

Con amor,
Elder Plummer