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Member involvement is so crucial!! May 25, 2015 - I am being transferred and was called to be a Zone Leader

Dear amazing family!

We now have iPads. We got the iPads last Tuesday and have been very helpful for teaching. Our iPads have strong filters on them and we have received good training on how to use them wisely. I am being transferred from West New York and will find out where I'm going to tomorrow. I am going to miss Elder Johnson a lot, we have grown very close. He has shown me so much patience and has progressed drastically. He is a great example to me.
Last night President invited me to serve as zone leader and I accepted. I felt an overwhelming feeling as I received it and confirmed to me that everything is in the Lord's hands.
We have had some amazing miracles last week.
We found Bonnie through a member referral. He works for herbal life and is always on the streets advertising and always sees us proselyting. He told his friend that he would like to talk with us. We received his number and we set up an appointment. We had a very spiritual restoration lesson and he also came to church yesterday. He was fascinated with our missionary force and by our temples. The spirit flooded the room as we testified of the BOM and Joseph Smith. All the talks at church yesterday were about the book of Mormon and about Joseph Smith. It was exactly what he needed to hear. In priesthood we had a good lesson about families which he was telling how it has been hard being divorced from his wife. cool experience!
We also had a good lesson with Domingo. We taught him the plan of salvation with hermano Sorto. It went very well. Hno. Sorto explained judgment and other concepts perfectly. The spirit testified to him that this plan was from God. He came to church yesterday and had Sorto by his side the whole time. I really see how crucial member involvement is.
We had a cool miracle Saturday. We were contacting in a complex when I felt I needed to knock this certain door. We heard a voice say "adelante!" We entered and there was a lady that is 94 years old and her friend must have been in her 70s in a wheel chair. We felt like we needed to talk about faith and as we were talking we brought how if we have faith in Christ was can overcome anything. She then told us that she has been suffering from Parkinson's disease. We then asked if she would like a blessing. She accepted and as we gave we felt a overwhelming spirit that God loves her and that she is ready to hear the gospel. After the blessing she said she felt at peace and we set a return appointment. Such a cool miracle. Testimony builder for me to know that God knows us perfectly. I love you all dearly! I will let you know next week where I am going!
Love, Elder Plummer
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I am going to miss West New York

"Whom the Lord calls He qualifies." May 18, 2015

This last week was great! Thank you mom for the new contacts! They have been working well. Tanner congrats on graduating from seminary! I am excited for you! I can not believe you are graduating from High School already. Time goes by too fast.
Well, this week we visited Jordyn. He had a lot of questions about the BOM and wanted to get to know us more. He works in NYC and says he is tired of the city life. He says a lot of his friends look at him sometimes that he is crazy because he believes in God. He wants to peace and joy that we have and he knows it is only through Jesus Christ. He is reading and praying.
We also found a new investigator named Ana last Thursday. We think she invited us back because she was surprised we speak Spanish. But we had a good lesson about the Restoration. She liked what we share and we have a lesson with her this week.
Alex: We taught him last Thursday after English class. He has been having some doubts about the BOM. He feels that if he just followed the Bible he will be saved. We asked if he has read and prayed about it and replied that he has been reading but has not prayed. We bore testimony that if he does pray he will receive a confirmation from the Holy Ghost. He also feels strongly that he has been baptized already in Guatemala and said that God testified to him that it was valid. We explained to him that God is very pleased to see you act of faith to follow his Son but that it was not done by the right authority. We assured him his real question is if the BOM is true. He understood and said he will pray about the BOM. The spirit was very strong in that lesson.
We found another investigator while contacting. We gave William our number but we did not receive his number. But we had a feeling that he would call us soon. The next day he calls us wanting to meet with us. We set a appointment for that day. We had a former missionary accompany us and shared the restoration. It made a lot of sense to him and said he needs time to read and pray. The spirit was there and we have an appointment with him next week. Cool miracle!
Jacoff: He is a less active we have been trying to get a hold of for a long time. He is from Colombia and is a successful accountant who is about 28. We shared Alma 37 about the "small and simple thing which bring to pass great things." We invited him to come to church and to read and pray. He said he is really busy but then asked the question, "how much time are you willing to set aside for God?" he then replied that he could set aside 10 minutes to read. We related it to working out that every time he reads, prays or goes to church he gets spiritually strong. (He is a boxer as well, which is how we related it to working out). It was as good lesson! Cool guy.
Saturday afternoon we visited Miriam's friend Joana who is also from Peru! She could not believe that my mom was from Peru! She thought it was so cool, next time we met with her she is going to bring some Peruvian food!
She is a single mom with her 10 year old daughter. She was raised Catholic and Pentecostal but really was not involved in both of them. She was married to a Muslim but he passed away. She has been wanting to join a church and liked our church from what she say last week at the Mother's day party. She said that she knows Christ is the way to find happiness but has a lot a questions about how to find it. We testified to her that we did not meet by coincidence and that our message will benefit her quality of life. We had a very spiritual first lesson about the Restoration. it answered many of her questions she had. We invited her to read and pray about the BOM and come to Church. She said she will. We called her yesterday to find out about how her reading has been going and said she has been reading the pamphlet and is liking what she is reading. She is awesome! I know that we were lead to find her!
Another cool miracle happened when we were walking Saturday night trying potentials when we felt prompted to try Yao our recent convert. We got there and Yao was busy with his cousins but his uncle (less active)was there and we asked if we could share a message with him. Cesar accepted and we shared Mosiah 14 about the atonement. We testified that no matter what any of us have done we can start over clean by taking the sacrament. He then commented, " you guys could not have come at a better time, I have been thinking about coming back to church but I have been thinking it is too late. This is just what I needed." The spirit just flooded the room and invited him to come back to church and partake of the sacrament again. He accepted and said he will come this Sunday. He did come yesterday because he was called in to work but will come this Sunday. Amazing miracle. The spirit was able to work through to bless our less active. what a blessing!!
Yesterday we visited Hilda a less active that has not come to church for a couple months. She is from Portugal but knows some Spanish because her husband is from Cuba. We shared a message about the atonement and assured us that she knows that the atonement has blessed her life. She started venting about her problems that she has been going through saying that she has been feeling very depressed and sad. We promised her if she came back to church it will lighten her burdens that she is carrying. She accepted and said she will bring her husband and son. Good lesson got to know her and her family a little bit better.
Last night we were trying some less actives when we felt prompted to try Hermano Sorto. We were praying to also teach one more person before the night was through. We knew he had a friend that was a not a member staying with him so we dropped by. Domingo was there and asked if we could share a message with both of them. They accepted and shared a scripture about the atonement and that connected that love God and Christ have for us into the Gospel, families and prophets and how they are manifestations of God's love. We then continued to the apostasy and to the first vision. Spirit was strong and invited Domingo to read and pray about the BOM. He then told us that he remembers missionaries like us going to his village in the Dominican Republic and how many people joined and they built a large chapel there. He liked what we did and said that he will read the pamphlet and the BOM. Hno. Sorto testified to his friend of the truthfulness of the first vision and the BOM. It was so powerful. I know the members are the best way to find people to teach. We got a return appointment and said he will attend church this week. Amazing lesson! Lord has blessed us immensely!
I know the scripture in D &C is true which says "whom the Lord calls he qualifies." I know through our faith in Jesus Christ we can accomplish miracles. I love you Dad, Mom, Mckay and Tanner so much. Hope you have a great week. Tanner enjoy graduation, you will have fun!
Elder Plummer

"Fear not little flock for I have overcome the world." May 11, 2015 Mother's Day was great!!

Our fun district at Carlo's Bake Shop

It was great to see you all! Well, like I said yesterday we had a great week with 4 new investigators and Alex and Andrea on date for baptism. We found our new investigators by using the area book. We see why it is important to update the area book.
Alex: He comes to the lessons always with questions about the Book of Mormon. He has been reading and he has liked it. Yesterday we invited him to be baptized when he knew when the BOM is true on May 31st. He said yes and we wrote down his baptismal date with three goals to get there. It was a great lesson and the spirit was strong.
Andrea: We are going to meet with her more regularly. Like I said yesterday she wants to be a better person so she can be a good example for her baby. We commited her read the the first chapter of the BOM. We invited her to be baptized when she knew these things are true on the 31st of May. We are excited for her.
We found this awesome Dominican guy name Reyes through the area book. He said that we are always welcomed to his home to share the word of God. We presented the restoration to him and told us he like what he heard and is going to read the pamphlet. He asked when we could come back. Super cool guy.
We also found this other Dominican couple Maria and Fransisco by using the area book. They are very kind and let us in right away. We also shared the restoration with her but shared that she feels that all churches lead to God. We told that in Ephesians in the Bible that the Lord talks about one baptism, one Lord and one faith and that the only way to know if the church is true is throught the BOM. We invited them to pray about our message.

We also found a Cuban couple name Denilo and Juana. They recently migrated from Cuba and have interest to listen to our message. They are in the 70s and love painting. They liked the pictures on the pamphlets. We taught them the restoration as well in 5 minutes. We invited them read the pamphlet and we have a return appointment next week.
We have been teaching Miriam (less active) and helping her get back to church. She is from Peru. She came to the Mother's day party on Saturday with her friend, we helped them move furniture the day before. She is a non member and wants to learn more about the church! We have an appointment with her this week!
The mission is going by way too fast! I feel so blessed by the Lord. I know he loves and knows us individually. I love so much Mom, Dad, Tanner and Mckay immensely! "
"Fear not little flock for I have overcome the world." I Love this scripture.

Love you,

Elder Plummer

At Carlo's Bakery from "Cake Boss"

Oreo Cake from Carlos's

Pretty cool


May 4, 2015 The Lord works with our imperfections and moves His work forward. We hit 80 degrees!!

It was a slow week but I know that by "small and simple things are great things brought to past." Elder Johnson is improving on his Spanish. He gets very discouraged sometimes but he is a hard worker and has faith he will get it. I am excited for him. Thanks for letting me know about the new stake presidency I am excited for them. I was thinking maybe trying facetime again. We are going to a families house that have good wifi. But we have permission to call this Saturday and we can set it up. I am very excited!
We found a new investigator named Anthony last week. He is fifteen years old and found him through his brother. He is willing to listen but we are trying to help him understand that he needs to apply what he is learning. We have an appointment with him next week.
Many people could not meet with us this last week but we will be meeting with them next week.
Elder Johnson and Elder Cook taught Jordyn last Tuesday. I was on exchange so I could not be there. But they told me it was very spiritual. They taught him the restoration and said he will read. He did not come to church last week but we will see him this week.
We have been teaching this elderly lady name Maria that is very Catholic. She did accept an baptismal date for March but that she decided to stick back to her church. We have been helping her see the importance to have priesthood authority on the earth but it is hard for her to understand. We are seeing if we need to drop her.
Andrea we have not seen her for a couple weeks but talked with her mom last night and found out she is going through a tough time right now. We have been praying to get in contact with her again.
We met with a long lost less active named David from Argentina. He has two cute little daughters and has not returned back to church for a couple years because of his work schedule. But he said he is going to try to change his schedule in a couple weeks so he can go to church. He is pretty funny, we have a good friendship with him already.
Cool story, we were trying Dennis and he was not home and as we were walking away when this Dominican stops us and asks if he could have a copy of the BOM. We gave him one and said that he lost his copy years ago and has been looking to find one. We set up an appointment with Luis for this week. Cool miracle! Lately I have been reading in the New Testament in Acts. I love the stories of Paul and the courage showed as he testified of Christ to the Jews. One scripture I like is when Paul is recounting his conversion and says: "Having therefore obtained help of God, I continue unto this day, witnessing both to small and great, saying none other things than those which the prophets and Moses did say should come:

23 That Christ should suffer, and that he should be the first that should rise from the dead, and should shew light unto the people, and to the Gentiles."
He is a great example of true conversion and disciple of Jesus Christ. Another cool miracle. Last night we wanted to teach one more person. So, I prayed that we would find someone. It was about 8:45 pm and we needed to go home soon. All of a sudden Elder Johnson says lets contact this guy. We contact him and he had a lot questions about our church. We had a good 5 minute Q&A and we felt a strong spirit as we testified of Christ and the message. We ended with a prayer with him. The Lord answered our prayer. Cool miracle.
The Lord has been so merciful to us. I know that he works with our imperfections and moves his work forward. Grateful to be apart of it. Well, I love you all so dearly. See you this Sunday!
Love, Elder Plummer

Miracles happening!! "Because He lives" - April 27, 2015

How are you! We have had a best week yet! We had a great zone conference with president last Tuesday. We talked about the faith in finding investigators. We also had a CES speaker give a powerful training on the pattern on obedience and receiving blessing that we can see through out all scriptures. He talked about the faith it takes for our investigators to do the commitments we give them. It really increased my faith to find.
After the conference we saw miracles! We found 5 of God's children that were willing to "experiment on the word." We found this guy namedJordyn contacting. We felt impressed to talk to him and we showed the new video the "because he lives". He commented after he watched it, " this is the world I want to live in." So cool! We also received a investigator from the sisters named Alex. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and asked the right questions and we saw a such a sincere desire to find the truth. We invited him for baptism for May 10th. He said he would need to think about it. We invited him to pray about to close the lesson. As we knelt down in pray we felt a such a beautiful spirit come in the room. It was so cool. We have an appointment with him this Tuesday. He is solid.
We found a young man named Dennis last week and showed him the "because he live' video. We set an appointment for this last week and taught him the restoration. He was very attentive for a 14 year old. He said he will read. We passed by to visit him this last Saturday but was not there. We are going to try to get in contact him asap.
We finally found Dalyla! We taught her a couple weeks ago with her family and did not find her until this last Saturday. We said her phone is kind of broken and has been very busy taking care of her kids. She felt bad and said that she read a little of the BOM and she liked it. She had a couple questions that we are going to answer next time. She is awesome!
We taught Meirna last week as well. We read 1 nephi with her slowly and in detailed and tried to liken the scriptures to her. It worked and was attentive. We committed her to read 10 minutes a day. We dropped by the next day and said she was reading! We set up a next appointment for the next day but she canceled and rescheduled and then canceled again. She said she would come to church but did not show up. we are praying to know if we need to drop her. We will see.
We found this elderly Colombian lady name Armania that was visiting for a couple weeks. We taught her the restoration and liked what we shared. She said she has a friend that is a member that has been talking with her about the gospel. She said that when she goes back she is going to talk with him again and look up the missionaries. So cool.
We received a referral from a member named Kelly. We set up an appointment to meet at Sister Menendez home and before we had the lesson we had a great meal. We taught her the restoration and the spirit guided us and the conversation. She felt a peace and I felt a strong spirit as we testified of Joseph Smith. We are hoping to teach her and her husband at their home. Amazing experience.
We found a long last less active named David from Argentina. The elders have not come by for some time to visit him. He was grateful to see us and we shared the "because he lives" video. He enjoyed it and we set up a return appointment. Chevire!
We received another member referral from a member in Union City. He referred his coworker named Paulina. The moment we got there she started venting to us about her problems with her boyfriend, her job and some other problems. She felt like she has no faith and that if there is happiness where is it? We testified to her that the message we have is that happiness through Jesus Christ. A special spirit was there. We had the sister missionaries accompany us and teach her as well. We are meeting with her again tonight.
I know that the Lord is guiding us and as we show our faith he will guide us to those people ready to hear His gospel. I know this is the work of God. We love the Lord. Grateful to be a part of it. I love you all so dearly! Excited to see you all on May 10th!
Elder Plummer
Getting ready for a planning session
The amazing district of West New York

Beautiful Spring afternoon looking at Manhattan