Sunday, May 31, 2015

Miracles happening!! "Because He lives" - April 27, 2015

How are you! We have had a best week yet! We had a great zone conference with president last Tuesday. We talked about the faith in finding investigators. We also had a CES speaker give a powerful training on the pattern on obedience and receiving blessing that we can see through out all scriptures. He talked about the faith it takes for our investigators to do the commitments we give them. It really increased my faith to find.
After the conference we saw miracles! We found 5 of God's children that were willing to "experiment on the word." We found this guy namedJordyn contacting. We felt impressed to talk to him and we showed the new video the "because he lives". He commented after he watched it, " this is the world I want to live in." So cool! We also received a investigator from the sisters named Alex. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and asked the right questions and we saw a such a sincere desire to find the truth. We invited him for baptism for May 10th. He said he would need to think about it. We invited him to pray about to close the lesson. As we knelt down in pray we felt a such a beautiful spirit come in the room. It was so cool. We have an appointment with him this Tuesday. He is solid.
We found a young man named Dennis last week and showed him the "because he live' video. We set an appointment for this last week and taught him the restoration. He was very attentive for a 14 year old. He said he will read. We passed by to visit him this last Saturday but was not there. We are going to try to get in contact him asap.
We finally found Dalyla! We taught her a couple weeks ago with her family and did not find her until this last Saturday. We said her phone is kind of broken and has been very busy taking care of her kids. She felt bad and said that she read a little of the BOM and she liked it. She had a couple questions that we are going to answer next time. She is awesome!
We taught Meirna last week as well. We read 1 nephi with her slowly and in detailed and tried to liken the scriptures to her. It worked and was attentive. We committed her to read 10 minutes a day. We dropped by the next day and said she was reading! We set up a next appointment for the next day but she canceled and rescheduled and then canceled again. She said she would come to church but did not show up. we are praying to know if we need to drop her. We will see.
We found this elderly Colombian lady name Armania that was visiting for a couple weeks. We taught her the restoration and liked what we shared. She said she has a friend that is a member that has been talking with her about the gospel. She said that when she goes back she is going to talk with him again and look up the missionaries. So cool.
We received a referral from a member named Kelly. We set up an appointment to meet at Sister Menendez home and before we had the lesson we had a great meal. We taught her the restoration and the spirit guided us and the conversation. She felt a peace and I felt a strong spirit as we testified of Joseph Smith. We are hoping to teach her and her husband at their home. Amazing experience.
We found a long last less active named David from Argentina. The elders have not come by for some time to visit him. He was grateful to see us and we shared the "because he lives" video. He enjoyed it and we set up a return appointment. Chevire!
We received another member referral from a member in Union City. He referred his coworker named Paulina. The moment we got there she started venting to us about her problems with her boyfriend, her job and some other problems. She felt like she has no faith and that if there is happiness where is it? We testified to her that the message we have is that happiness through Jesus Christ. A special spirit was there. We had the sister missionaries accompany us and teach her as well. We are meeting with her again tonight.
I know that the Lord is guiding us and as we show our faith he will guide us to those people ready to hear His gospel. I know this is the work of God. We love the Lord. Grateful to be a part of it. I love you all so dearly! Excited to see you all on May 10th!
Elder Plummer
Getting ready for a planning session
The amazing district of West New York

Beautiful Spring afternoon looking at Manhattan

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