Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Peruvian Food time, the best!!! Our Peruvian investigator, Miriam treats us so good! CPR is saving lives!

Papa a la Huancaina and arroz con pollo made by Miriam, it was Delicious
Miriam from Peru made this amazing Peruvian dish!!

Hey family!

We had a fast paced great week! Elder Johnson's Spanish is coming along. He gets discouraged sometimes but I keep reminding him that it is a process to learn Spanish and to keep praying for the gift of tongues. Everyday we go over a tense and we practice it with the exercises in the book on the white board. It seems to help.
Andrea: She came to church yesterday for the first time for a month. She only stayed for sacrament but enjoyed it. We taught the basics of CPR! Church, Prayer, Reading to spiritually revive someone. It was a great lesson. She is having a lot problems with her husband and has been really struggling with the divorce. She said that she has found a peace in our message and has helped her through her problems. We are going to put her on baptismal date very soon.
Meirna: We might drop her because she is not progressing. She likes the message and the Mormon channel. It is hard to drop people but sometimes it is necessary to make time to teach other people that are prepared.
Enrique: He finally came to church! We have been trying to get him to church for months. He likes sacrament meeting and fits right in with the young men. We are going to teach him this week!
Hno. Sorto: He is a less active that is returning. He came to church yesterday for the first time in months! We visited him last Saturday and we had a good time. He showed us all his DJ equipment and all his gadgets. It was pretty cool. We shared with him the importance of church attendance and such a strong spirit came in. It was awesome!
Rodolfo: He came to church yesterday as well! It was a miracle. He does not like coming to church because of his health. It was great to see him. We taught him as well about attending church a couple days before. He is going to attend more regularly now.
Miriam: She was the one that made us the really good papa la huacaina! She as well has not attended church because of work. We promised her that if she read her scriptures and attended church that the health of her mother will improve in Peru. She did not attend yesterday but she may have visited the other chapel in Union City.
Marciela: She is progressing towards the temple. We are helping her get off coffee. We saw her in a coffee shop and we stopped by and asked if we could throw away her coffee. She laughed and said that it would be for the best. Funny experience. Yesterday we had a lesson on patriarchal blessings in gospel doctrine and afterwards she wanted to get her blessing. We are going to help her with the necessary steps to get it.
This week it looks like we will reach 70 degrees! It fluctuates between 50 and 65 lately. We are already wearing our short sleeves. The members feed us so much and we are trying to eat healthier by making smoothies and cooking our own food. IT has been great. I love this work! We really are making a difference daily to all those around us. Missionary has changed our family as well. Really cool to see what difference we make. I love you all so dearly! I am excited to see you all for mother's day!

 Elder Plummer

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