Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Lord answers our specific prayers!!!

Hey family!
   I do not have a lot of time but wanted to let you know I am doing great.  Just want to share a cool experience we had yesterday.  Elder Johnson prayed Monday night that we would find a man wearing a white hat walking down a certain street at a certain time.  Right after zone meeting ended we got ready and rushed over to the spot we prayed for, and we found the man we have been praying to find.  Right when we got there, we found a man wearing a white hat walking down that certain street!  We contacted him and told us that his nephew had served a mission in Ecuador! He was not a member but really liked our church.  
      His name was Carlos from Ecuador and he is really interested in our English class we teach during the weeks.  We gave him our information and said he will try to attend the English class we offer. Cool experience. I know the Lord is mindful and answers our specific prayers.  Prayer works!

Well, I love you all!  I hope you all are enjoying DC!
Love, Elder Plummer

Great dinner with the bishop and his family

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