Friday, July 31, 2015

July 15, 2015 I'm being transferred to Union City - The All Mission Conference was so much fun!

It was so wonderful to see my whole mission together

My fun zone 3!!!

Hey family!
Sorry I did not write you all on Monday. We had an all mission
conference where we played sports, had skits, food, etc. It was so fun!
I will send you some pictures. I got to see elder Johnson
yesterday. He is with Elder Leon, a Peruvian from Lima. His Spanish has
gotten very good.  I am in Union city now! It is close to west New
York but we are now in a different zone.  I have been on a couple
exchanges here.  I am with E. White from South Jordan, Utah. He is a
cool guy. We have a good size Ward with about 50 to 60 attending
regularly with a lot of less actives. They have a great bishopric. The
bishop is from Guatemala and one of the counselors is from Honduras.
There are four companionships in this Ward. There is an companionship
per about every 10 to 15 streets due to the condensed population per
We have been in our finding stage looking for people to teach. It is
very easy to contact since there is a lot of people on the streets. We
have been talking to at least 10 to 15 people a day.  We have been
teaching  this Dominican guy named Domingo. We had a good restoration
with him and felt a good spirit while we were there. In prayer he said
he felt something. We invited him to church but was not for sure if he
could go. After the lesson we called a member to invite him to church.
That Sunday he surprised us and he showed up to church. He liked the
spirit he felt but could be there for the first hour. The Lord is and
will bless us. We have been learning a lot about faith and how we need
to not counsel the Lord and that we need to be humble and receive his
counsel. I am working on being more humble and act on the counsel He
gives us.
    We also had the actor from Napoleon Dynamite that played Trisha
come to our mission. Her mother in law is serving here and invited her
to sing.  She is a really good singer. Super cool. Also, mom if you
have some time, could you send some protein powder?
Well, I hope you are all enjoying summer! I love you and pray for you.

Elder Plummer.

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