Monday, August 3, 2015

Playing tricks on Velarde - August 3, 2016

Buenas tardes!
Como les va con todo? Ojalá hayan tenido un viaje maravilloso! Me hace gozar cuando escuchaba esa historia sobre el amigo de Mark. El es un buen ejemplo de un miembro misionero. Wow, Mckay es 6 pies y un pulgada! Me imagino que va a crecer mas. Me alegro! Ojalá recibieron mis vídeos y que sean buenos.
Tuvimos una semana buena. Encontramos un salvadoreño que se llama Juan. Recién llego acá hace 2 años. El es bien humilde y abierto a aprender más del evangelio. Nos dice que no tiene suficiente sabiduría para escucharnos pero le dijimos que ese mensaje le puede mejorar su calidad de vida y no importa la cantidad de sabiduría que tenga. Le enseñamos la restauración y el espíritu estuvo presente. El entendió bastante pero nos dijo que no lee mucho y cuando lee no entiende mucho. Nos prometio que va tratar. El espíritu nos ayudaba a decir los cosas que necesitabamos. Estuvo buenísimo!

NOW IN ENGLISH - Sorry due to time, I'm going to write in English :) also the protein has been great as well as the bars. Thank you again, mom. Last Friday we had a mission leader council with President and the theme for this month is choice and accountability. He helped see the importance when people report to their leaders, the rate of improvement accelerates. So this month as leaders, we are going to help our zone be accountable for the goals they set and we follow up and motivate frequently. We are excited. Marcos had to work late last week but told us he is still reading and we have set an appointment for today.
Sabrina: she is progressing! She is reading and praying but the question is getting her to go to church. She is super funny and she likes to tease us a lot. She is only 15 years old and understands a lot. Her sister also sat in, her name is Pamela. She told us that she would like to learn more. She is in her late 20s with 2 kids and is very open. They are from the Dominican Republic and are alive with a lot of energy! They are great. Pamela is going to make us some Mongu (a typical dish in the DR) the next time we come!
Domingo has been very busy we called him and told us he will busy for the next couple weeks. So we are going to wait and pray. Also, we are making sure that members have good communication with him.
We visit this hilarious less active named Velarde on a regular basis. When it gets super hot, we drop by quickly to get a drink. He is from Colombia and tries to teach us bad words. We usually go into his tailor shop and while he is not looking, we change his bachata music to Spanish Christian music. He actually has been liking what we put on, haha. He is awesome. He did come the church the first two weeks I was here, but now has stopped. He has time to attend so we are trying to find out why.
Well, I hope you all are enjoying the summer. Please say hello to the Wardens for me.
I love you immensely, family! Miss you all :)

Elder Plumero

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