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I am getting a new companion on Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - Fun playing football with my zone

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Fun preparation day playing football with my zone

How are you all doing? So Elder White is leaving. I will miss him, we had some hard and good times together. He is a great guy. So, I decided to do it day by day summary I hope you like it.

Monday- it was a good P-day. We went into mine and E. Whites old area in West New York to pick up some extra weights that they had. We had a good time with my old companions E. Johnson and E. Berkheimer. We played football with the Newark zone by this beautiful field by the Hudson River with a great view of Manhattan.

We had a good lesson with this Bolivian guy we have been trying to get in contact for awhile name Adalid. He is in his 20s and works a lot. We got to know him and told us he felt that he does not have enough knowledge to study the scriptures. We explained that it is little by little. It was one of the best restoration lessons we did in English and we felt that we connected with him and just felt like we were speaking with a good buddy.

Tuesday: I went to Elder Rajahkumars district meeting. He has a sistrict(or a district of all sisters) and does a very good job motivating them. He writes up the district average numbers for last week (like how many lessons, new investigators etc. ) and they have a council and how they can improve in the areas they struggle in and talk about the problems they may have for example in finding new investigators or contacting. We them role play what we are struggling with or what ever the district leader feels inspired to do and then evaluate. E. Rajahkumar is from Germany and is a very hard worker. He is young in the mission but has learn a lot. We are excited for his future.

That day we found this new investigator by door tracting named Geronimo from the Dominican Republic. He is in his 70s and used to be a catholic missionary in his country. He said that he understands the hardships we go through and has a special place in his heart for missionaries. We really just got to know him and then shared the intro of the BOM. He said he will try Moronis promise.

We then went help Hermano Cesar Torres with his home teaching. He has not been home taught for a couple months. We shared the first presidency message and talked about what stops them from coming to church. They had a list of excuses but when it came right down to it, it was because of lack of interest and culture customs. The Torres family (no relation to Cesar Torres) have had a lot of problems in the past couple months and we promised them if they put God first they will be immensely blessed and that they will be supported in their trials. Their 16 year old niece was present from the DR and was touched by the message. She volunteered to give the closing prayer. We taught her the steps to pray and gave a very heartfelt prayer for her aunt and for us. She is a nonmember and said she would like to serve a mission. This was a great example of the power of home teaching. Because Hermano Cesar Torres chose to call us up and help him in his home teaching this young girl was influenced to serve a mission.

Wednesday: we gave a baptismal interview for the Jersey city elders baptismal candidate. E. White gave it (because I had taught him on exchange) and passed. His name is Greg from the DR but prefers English. He was baptized yesterday.

We then found this new investigator named Juan Carlos. He is about 11 years old and kindly let us in to talk with his aunt and him. We got to know them and found out that they love sports. We shared the Easter video about Christ and said he liked it. He said he would like us to come back. We are doing to take it at a slow pace with him but he is super cool.

We the stopped by Maria's place and also taught her daughter. We found out that Mareni (the daughter) had taken the lessons from the missionaries a couple years ago. She said that she lost contact with her but was always curious to learn more. We refreshed her by teaching the restoration again and the BOM. We felt the spirit testify to each one of us in that room that the BOM is the word of God. She pretty muched invited her self to read the BOM and set a return appointment.

Thursday: we did our weekly planning at the church just to get out of the apartment and played some ping pong with the other elders. We then stopped by This potential we contacted the other day named Marta. She let us in and she asked us if we could teach her son piano. Her son played a lot of piano already and started playing all these Christian hymns. We said we were not very good teachers and we didn't know that much piano. She the started talking about the seventh day Adventist church that she is involved in and all the programs they have for youth. We then talked about mutual and what they do. We the introduced the BOM and tied it in with building our testimonies on Jesus Christ through the BOM. She said will study it but we could tell she was not to excited to try to reAd. We will find out next week.

We then met with Honesimo from the DR. He was the guy that met with elders in his country but lost contact because he moved to New Jersey. He said they got him off coffee and has not drunken it since. We read with him the introduction of the BOM and then testified to us that this book is of God. He said he will not forget the feeling he felt when he was being taught in the DR. And now he said he feels it when we come by. He accepted the baptismal invitation but would not commit to a date. We will see how he does on reading the BOM.

Friday: ok we taught a lot of people so I am going to talk about one lesson that stuck out to me. We went by Jassanya's house and we talked about the importance in faith in Jesus Christ. They are from Ecuador and they told us about their favorite food which is qui. It was a good lesson because the spirit was there. They have interest and felt we connected well with them.

The book of Mormon is the key to conversion and I have a testimony of that. I feel like that is the most important lessons we can teach them through the spirit.

Marcos is still reading the book of Mormon but it's super busy at times. But we have an appointment with him today. Love this work, even though it is hard at times, it is so satisfying and rewarding. Grateful I can represent my savior.

Love you all!

Elder Plummer

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