Monday, October 13, 2014

General Conference was amazing!!!! October 6, 2014

Dear Family!
What an amazing general conference. I am glad you had a great Happy Birthday Mom! How do you like the shirt? President Taggart has been pushing all missionaries to request "Meet the Mormons" in New Jersey but we have not received enough requests yet. We have seen the trailers and they look great. Hope it does well! I loved the talk by Elder Holland about assisting the poor. Also the talk by Elder Robins about not lowering our standards to the worlds. Really put it in perspective. Elder Scotts talk on the importance of Scripture study and FHE really hit home to me. The brother that gave the talk about the young mother who turned off the TV so that they could have more time to study reminded me of you mom! Grateful for you constant reminder to put education first. I have really seen the fruits. We have been contacting Haitians in French and only know how to say the basics but I am learning. It is really great! This is how are investigators are doing:
Kaylee: She is a former that we only visit periodically because she usually does not keep commitments. But this time when we visited her last Tuesday she told us the real reason why she does not read the BOM. She said that she tried reading it with her boyfriend but would always end up arguing. She also does not have time to read it as well. We said that if she listened to the BOM every day for 10 minutes she will find the peace she is looking for. She then whipped out her iPhone and started to download the LDS app. She has really shown a desire and we are excited to see how it goes.
Filadelfo: He is progressing well. We gave him a promise that if he reads everyday from the BOM for three months he will overcome his struggle to read and improve his reading ability drastically. He has really taken our promise to heart and is reading everyday and it has been a month and a half already. He said that his reading ability has improved! We taught the five points of the gospel and had a great spirit there. He is still looking for his answer to know if the BOM is true.
Justin: He is a English referral from the sisters. They said it started to get a little weird for them and decided that they wanted us to teach him. He is in his early 20s and is very shy and quiet. We introduced to BOM to him and invited him for baptism and he has accepted! Very humble and sincere guy. He is going to go far!
Naomi: she is back in Guatemala but had a great lesson with her on prayer. We said good bye to her and said she will look up the missionaries in her area. We are excited for her and looking forward to teach her children who are still here in New City.
Juan(Less active): He is from Puerto Rico and is about 70 years old. He was baptized 10 years ago in the church but lost contact right after that. He ran into the sister the other day and they wrote down his contact information. He has had some brain damage but is still able to hold a job and carry out the routine of life. He wants to come out and help us preach the gospel and be a member missionary. He also came to general conference and absolutely loved it! Such a great guy!

Dora: She has been extremely busy and we have not been able to visit her. We are hoping next week. Still wants to be baptized.

We could not visit all of our investigators due to conference. Our English class has been struggling but I think this week it is going to increase the attendance. I love you Dad, Mom, Tanner, Mckay!

Elder Plummer

Our wonderful hungarian grandmother non-member neighbor, Ann, she always shares her food with us

George Washington Bridge and Harlem in the background

Doing service at the famous Rockland bakery, yummy!!!

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