Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Elder L. Tom Perry visited our mission yesterday, Monday, April 21 - It was amazing to feel his presence!

Elder L. Tom Perry, he is very funny and uplifting!!

Thank you so much mom.  I will send the translation over.  It is on a hard copy if that is ok.  The music CD is great!  Thank you!  Today we have time to write to our families because of the all mission conference with Elder Perry yesterday.  It was an amazing experience.  He shook all 250 missionaries hands and I could feel his strong spirit.  He talked about religious freedom and said that "the laws of man should not be contrary to the laws of God."  He also talked about the job of an apostle who is to be a prophet, seer and revelator.  But "also to keep the doctrine pure within the church and to correct the affairs of mankind."   He said that he talked with Joe Biden about the new marriage laws and said it is important to listen and then to comment.  He also talked about how he really looks up to Elder Packer and how he goes to bed at 8 every night so he can wake up at 4am to have time to pray to our Heavenly Father.  Elder Perry said that it is really hard for him to go to bed that early because he wants to check the Red Sox score.  He is really funny.  I love you!
Elder Plummer

 Dear Family,
     Yes!  Elder Perry is coming to our mission today and is going to speak to us.  Thank you so much for the speaker and the CD.  They work great!  Unfortunately the CD player doesn’t work.  Probably it broke on the way here.  But we have one, so it is ok.  We had a great Easter. Yesterday it was a long day.  Most of our appointments fell through and none of our potentials were answering their phones or doors.  We then decided to try a less active with a nonmember spouse.  Fortunately they were home and we started teaching Soniya the restoration.  We asked if she has ever wondered why there are so many churches?  She suddenly became interested and said she has always wanted to ask someone that question.  As we taught about the apostasy and the first vision she said that this all made sense.  The spirit was so strong in the room as we testified of the validity of the Book of Mormon and committed her to read the introduction.  We have a returning appointment with her.  Last week Santos put his baptismal date for April 27!  We are going to go through the baptismal questions with him tonight and get a better feel if he is ready.  We are excited!!.  We also got two new investigators last Saturday.  They are an elderly couple from El Salvador and wanted us to come over to teach them English.  We slowly connected our English lecture to the Book of Mormon.  They said that most of their extended family are members of the church but they are strong Catholics.  We focused a lot on the Book of Mormon and committed them to read the introduction.  We have a returning appointment with them as well. Also this couple received a letter from the immigration office that is all in English.  They asked us to translate but there are a lot of words we don't know how to translate.  I was wondering mom if you have time if we could send the letter to you to translate.  It is three pages long telling her that she needs to stand before an immigration judge for overstaying her visa.  But there are many details we do not know how to translate.  Let me know if you have time.  We also could put it through google translate and send it to you to correct.  Whatever works for you.   I am grateful to be a missionary and have learned so much in my mission.  I love you all so much!  Grateful for your prayers.   

Love you,

Elder Plummer 

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  1. Some people are just like wine, getting better while gettting older ! Thanks for a great read.... Just love it !