Monday, April 28, 2014

The Work of the Lord keeps moving forward in Dunellen, NJ April 28, 2014

Transfer Day

Hola familia,
     How are you all doing? Thank you so much mom for translating those documents.  My investigator really appreciates it and says thank you.  Last week we earned five new investigators!  The first family is an elderly couple that I told you about last week from El Salvador.  We visited them on the return appointment and taught them the 5 steps of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  They accepted these doctrines and asked why so many churches are corrupt.  Elder King had a great scripture in Mormon that talked about churches that were built up for only gain and stray away from the things of God.  It was a really good visit and have another return visit.  The other family was a referral from the English elders.  We went to visit this referral and met Rebecca who is from El Salvador who wanted us to teach his 17 year old son who does not really believe in God.  He was not really excited to have us over so we set a return appointment with Rebecca and Pablo.  The next time we went Jorge the 17 year old son was more willing to listen and Rebecca and Pablo were very attentive.  We taught them the importance of the Book of Mormon and committed them to read the introduction.  They all said they would even Jorge.  Jorge understands English better but the parents only know a little English. So we taught in both languages.  It was a great experience.  We have mostly been working with less actives and had actually five less active show up to church.  We have been proud of our less actives as we reminded them that attending church is a commandment and will bless their lives.   On my mission I have learned to be patient and kind.  I have also gained a greater love for the scriptures especially the Book of Mormon.  I am excited for Tanner for his Prom and know he will do great and have a good time.  Thank you mom for sending the white short sleeves!   Last week we had Elder L. Tom Perry visit our mission.  It was an amazing experience as he talked about priesthood power and missionary work.  One thing he said," The time is NOW to hasten the (missionary) work!  We have never seen a time like this in the history of the church."  It was a powerful experience and we all felt the power and authority that he carried as he walked in the room. We all got to shake his hand. It was so cool.   I love you all!  Grateful to be a missionary.
Hope all is well and love you all so much!  Thank you for your prayers and love.  Excited to see you all on Mothers day.
Elder Plummer

Our Branch Building (part of an old factory building)

I love my Mexico MTC t-shirt

Helping a less active member

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