Monday, May 5, 2014

Se excited to skype you on Sunday!!!! May 5, 2014

Dear family,
   Thank you so much mom for the Nugo bars, the translated documents and the white shirts!  Glad Tanner had a good time at Prom! Tell Cynthia congratulations and Catherine hello.  This week I will be skyping from Hermano Sanchezs computer, he is the Elder's Quorum president. I will be skyping from their account.  We will be skyping around 6 to 6:30 Eastern time.  If anything changes we have permission to text you this Saturday night. This last week we found our investigator we could not find for awhile.  He said that he works a lot and plays a lot of soccer too.  He wants to come back to church and is willing to make the changes for his life.  We set a baptismal date for May 25th. We are excited for Melvin!  Last week we tried this five story apartment complex that was full of Hispanics.  Everyone was so nice to us and got two return appointments.  We also taught our investigator, Faustino from Cajamarca, Peru!  He has really found peace from our lessons and has a hard time learning but is willing to stay with it.  We have also been teaching him English which has been a great service opportunity.  Yesterday we had Stake conference in Newark.  All Spanish units from Plainfield, Elizabeth, Perth Amboy, Short Hills and Newark attended.  The Temple President of the Manhattan temple spoke on the blessings on the temple.  It was a great talk with so much power.  Our stake president speaks very good Spanish and gave a good talk on not judging others.  My Spanish has improved conversational wise and also understanding much more.  The other night we had just finished a contact and set an appointment when we saw our bus to take us home leave.  We ran to catch it but missed it.  Then this taxi driver told us to get in his car free of charge.  He took us all the way home and said that he always has respected missionaries and invited us to his home.  His wife speaks only Spanish and he speaks very good English.  Unfortunately they are in the other Elders area, so we set up an appointment with them. I am so grateful to be a missionary and have learned so much!  Love you all very much and excited to see you this Sunday.
Elder Plummer

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