Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The focus of this week is to show love to others

Hola familia,
       How are you all doing?  Thank you mom for sending Geoffs Germanes contact info. I hope you and Mckay have a great time in Paris.  This last week was amazing.  We had our last all mission conference with the Jeppsons.  It was great. I will miss them.  I will send some pictures of the activity.  The Taggarts will be arriving on June 27th.  Yesterday Presidente Rojas asked me to give a talk last minute.  I decided to speak on the Gospel of Jesus Christ using one of the missionary pamphlets.  I felt that it seemed long and boring, but many said that it was good.
  Last week we have been focusing on getting new investigators and visiting our investigators and less actives.  Raquel just got a job and her boyfriend that she is living with said he does not want us over to teach her anymore.  But Raquel wants to continue with the lessons and be baptized so we are going to meet with her probably at the park or a members house.  She is also working on moving out from her boyfriends house.  We are really proud of her and feel she is progressing well towards baptism.  Rebecca was in New York yesterday so we did not have a chance to see her.  We called her and told us she is still reading the Book of Mormon.  Effrain set his baptismal date for July 25!  He is also working on moving out from his girlfriend and is hoping to get joint custody of his two children.  During the lesson, he told us that he knows the church is true and wants the gospel in his life.  He is progressing great as well.
  We also picked up a new investigator named Elmer.  We think he is the father of michelle, who wants to serve a mission, but we are not sure.  He attended church last week and said it was too long, but enjoyed some of it.  He said he would continue going but said he is really shy.  We are working with him on that.  He is a very sincere and awesome guy.  We officially needed to drop Santos because he has not answered the phone or the door for a couple weeks and sometime he would answer and set up an appointment but would not be there.   It is sad but we need to spend our time wisely.  This month our zone focus is on love.  Every day we evaluate and do an activity about love.  It has really helped me to focus on loving the people I serve and my companion.  I love you Dad, Mom, Tanner and Mckay very much!  Thank you for your prayers and love.
Elder Plummer

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