Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Grateful to be a simple tool in the Lords hands!

I'm going to miss Elder Leon from Peru (to my right) 

Emmanuel, he is the bomb, our 24/7 team 

David, another great helper

Alex, a wonderful new member 

Teaching Doctrine Class on Sunday 

Nelson, a faithful great member

Brother Perpingnand, our ward mission leader 

Our first counselor

The Vargas family, they are wonderful 

The Baldwins are a great support to the missionaries

Plainfield reunion in Newark with our investigator Efrain

We take our workouts very seriously 

Dear family,

Last night we got the transfer text and Elder Muro and I are staying together for six more weeks! I also received a call to be a district leader. I am really nervous but excited for the task.
 I am grateful to be in New City. We had a great week. Here is how our investigators are doing:
Alejandro: He is doing great! We taught him the word of wisdom and said that he does not drink or smoke but has a cup of coffee every morning. But when we taught him that he said that he will slowly give it up and we suggested trying Orca, a coffee substitute and said he is going to try it. We also visited him last Friday and we decided to read with him 1 Nephi 1 but we had to end early because of he got a migraine that he has had for years and doctors can not figure it out. We are going to give him a blessing this week.
Kaylee: We taught her the Plan of Salvation with her husband. They where both distracted with their smartphone and their children and at the end her husband said that they were Catholic and are already saved. We invited them to pray about the church and read the BOM sincerely. They said maybe. We are debating dropping them but we are going to pray about it.
Rosalino: He is reading everyday in the BOM but sometimes does not know what he reads. So we read a chapter with him. He got alot out of it and we are now going to read with our investigator the BOM. He is progressing slowly but surely.
Yahoni: We found this Dominican lady by contacting this apartment complex. We shared with her the restoration and responded well. We saw her two days later and we decided to reteach the restoration but was very distracted. She is reading the BOM and progressing.
Ramon: We went over the 10 commandments and encouraged to keep reading. He is just embracing the gospel and wants him and his kids to be very involved in the church. We are going to invite him to baptism soon.
Vicky: She is going to be baptized this Sunday. We went last week and sang some Christmas carols and had a good time.
Yanilsa: She is Adriana's daughter and has alot of interest. She is reading but sometimes does not understand what she reads. But we are now going to read with her.
Biombi: We met him at his Seventh Day Adventist Church which was all in French. We found him a couple months ago and turned him over to the sister but had to drop him because he was getting very attached to them. But decided to pick him up as an inv. We stayed for the first part of it and we felt a good spirit there. Knowing that they were trying to find God was really cool. Their pastor introduced to us this program to learn to be baptized in their church. It was interesting to be the investigator at their church. They gave us their vision of the Bible and a Spanish 7th day Adventist book. We shared with him James 1:5 about asking for truth. 

Last Saturday night we were with this member to help us teach this investigator. Ended up he was not there so we felt that we should visit Sister Mendez who has been fighting with terminal cancer. When we got there she was wondering if we received a call from Sister Pena to give her a blessing. We said no and was surprised because she asked her to call us. We gave her a blessing of healing and I had the opportunity to seal the blessing. The spirit was working through me and blessed her that she would be healed as the afflicted were healed by Christ. I could not believe what I said but the spirit was very strong. Grateful to be a simple tool in the Lords hands. Well, I love you all so very much! All of you have shaped me to the person I am today. The Lord truly is guiding our lives.
Elder Plummer

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