Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Following Preach My Gospel more carefully!

Hey Family!
So the storm was not that bad last week! It was very windy, but there was not a lot of damage. A ice storm hit us last night and it looks like it is going to get worse today and tomorrow. We will be mostly inside today, so that will be good.
I am so excited for Tanner to turn in his papers, when will his call come if he turns it in this week?
I miss the Wardens! They are awesome! Tell them I said Hello! Also, mom if you can, could you send me some protein or I can just buy some here. What ever works.
So, Elder Perez has been out for 21 months and goes home in May. This is a very dense population and we walk a good amount. It has helped with my back to always be moving.
This last week has been kind of slow. I am so grateful for the area book. I found a lady named Selia that there was a note to try her again. We knocked and she answered! She is so nice! She said missionaries visited her but then did not come back. She did not know why. We had a great lesson with the restoration pamphlet but had a lot of questions about the authority of our church. She is going to pray to know if our message is true.
We have been visiting this recently returned missionary named Karren that came home early from a California mission. We do not know the reason but lately she has felt really down and doesnt want to go to church. We have been sharing a lot of atonement scriptures with her and just having her talk has helped her. We have been also going through the less active list and have found a couple people.
I conducted a baptismal interview yesterday with this 70 year old Dominican lady. She was so sweet and was ready to enter into the waters of baptism. She was the sisters investigator and was baptized right after church. It was so awesome!

Last Thursday, Brother Donaldson from the missionary department gave us a great training to all the mission leaders on how to use the pamphlets simply. He helped us to see the importance of following Preach My Gospel and how we can get from the statistics: for every 22 new investigators we get, 1 is baptized. But if we follow Preach my Gospel exactly, we can get from every 10 new investigators, 1 baptism. They have seen many missions increase their baptisms by following the exact steps of Preach my Gospel. With that President has made some good changes, so we can get back to following PMG more carefully. The shift is going to be good.
Last night we made many calls from our former investigators list. We set a good amount of appointments throughout this week! So, we should be finding more people to teach this week. We are excited!
Well, I love you all so dearly! Hope you have a great week!

Love Elder Plummer

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