Thursday, January 29, 2015

My new area in West New York, NJ with my new companion Elder Perez

Hey family!

We just heard about the storm this morning. President has not said if we should stay inside or anything. We are still waiting for his word. In the news, all those around NY city are being told not to go out in this because the wind speed could get up to 75 mph. They say it will be the biggest storm seen in the area since the 1820s. They’re calling it historic. 
Our ward mission leader told us about this storm and said he will keep us updated and will bring over food and water if we need it. He is awesome! This is a very supportive ward! Saturday we were fed three times a day! I was so full I wanted to throw up. There are a mix of Dominicans, Ecuadorians, Peruvians but mostly there is a lot of Colombians. The ward is a great functioning ward.

We had a cool experience. We were walking down a busy street when we had an impression to contact this lady. It seemed out of the way so we kept walking but then we heard a voice saying "excuse me, are you mormons?" It turned out she is from Colombia and recently moved here 2 weeks ago from Miami, Florida. She said she has been wanting to go to church for a while but had no idea where to find it. We set up an appointment the next day and got to know her better. She is going to school to perfect her English and then wants to study to be an actress and get in to Julliard in New York City! She is very talented and smart. We invited her to volleyball that night and she got to know more of the members in the ward. She loved volleyball and thanked us for inviting her.

On top of our apartment in West New York!

My new comp (Elder Perez) and I!

We play soccer on Thursdays and Saturdays at the chapel which is a great finding opportunity. It is a good turn out with a lot of non members attending. It is so fun and I am working on my soccer skills.

Mirna: She is from Puerto Rico and speaks good English. So we teach her mostly in English. We taught her the importance of church and why she needs to pray about if the the church is true. She like to talk a lot and said she will read and pray.
We have been mostly visiting less actives and inactives that have been baptized in the last couple months but have not come to church since their baptism. The ward mission leader is from Ecuador and his name is Hermano Pieoman. He is always calling us seeing how our investigators are doing and if we need anything. He wants us to call anytime we are hungry and he will take us out.. He is so awesome.
My address is 705 74th Street - Apartment 2C, North Bergen, NJ 07047. The apartment is pretty old but it is spacious so it is quite comfortable for both of us. Well, I love you all so much. Thank you for your prayers and love.

Elder Plummer 

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