Sunday, January 25, 2015

I was just transferred to West New York, New Jersey walking area on Wed. Jan.21- It's across the river from New York City, it's beautiful

One of our members has an elevator in their house! So cool!
Carmela (From Lima, Peru) she is in the Psych ward. We visit her weekly. She has been a great support to us, missionaries.

Adriana (she is so close to baptism) from the Dominican Republic.

Javier with his mom, brother and cousin. Going to miss them! Javier is so ready to be a missionary!

Brother Baldwin. Always had a good time with him. Going to miss him

Looking out at the Hudson river with Haverstraw in the backgound.

Abi and his son (Omri) He is Jewish and his wife is lds. Such an amazing family. He taught us so much.

Hola Family,
Well, it is official. I am leaving New City. I am going to miss it so much! Yesterday we had a bad ice storm which caused close to 500 accidents in New York. President told all missionaries with cars not to drive for a couple hours. Church was cancelled because a couple members got into bad accidents. Also we found out that Ramon had more problems with coffee than we knew. We went through the baptismal questions with him last Wednesday. He told us his addiction to coffee. We said that if he did not drink coffee from Wednesday to Sunday and not to drink it ever again he could be baptized. Thursday morning he called and said he had been praying about his baptism and said he needed to prepare more. So we are working on a baptismal date for him. He wants to be baptized soon. He is really taking his baptism very seriously. He is such a good example to us. The daughters are very prepared but decided they would like to be baptized with their father. But since church was cancelled, we could not have the baptism yesterday anyways. The Lord works in mysterious ways.
I did get the turron! Thank abuelita, it is so good! I really appreciate it. This week I said good bye to a lot of the members and investigators! Going to miss them.

Last week we taught:

Fransisco: He has many questions about the BOM and baptism. We cleared up those question using the bible and the BOM. I am also using the picture booklet that I got in the MTC which has been helping a lot. The spirit really guided our conversation and we invited Fransisco to do Moroni's challenge to ask if these things are not true. He said he will

Mauricio: We felt prompted to visit him at random and turned out he was home. The spirit is so cool. He had a hard time with Joseph Smith and the BOM. It started off as a little bible bash but then we moved it to James 1:5 asking if these things are true. He said he would read it and pray about it before he gave it up. He did invite us to come back.

Christian & Manuel: They are around 15 to 16 years old but very polite and intelligent. They do get distracted easily so we decided to watch the 20 minute Restoration video. They were really touched by it and after Christian said, "Yo creo que esto es verdadero". and we had a great discussion about the BOM. We committed them to read the first chapter of Nephi and said they would to it today! Such a great lesson.

Adriana: We went through the 17 points of the true church in the Bible. She really liked it and made sense to her. She is still praying and thinking about baptism. She is still committed to her Christian church but is now sincerely investigating the church.

Javier: He is now coming out with us to teach! He is so excited to serve a mission. He has started reading more of the BOM and is almost done with Nephi! It was hard to say good bye but is planning to go to the temple in February so, I will have the opportunity to go back when he goes! Excited for that.

Carlos: He is Jimi's dad and is really interested what we have to say about life after death. We had a good conversation on the Plan of Salvation. He started asking random questions about the 2nd coming and the end of the world. We were just talking about everything from technology to reincarnation. It was an interesting lesson but he wants to learn more. He has a lot of questions we are going to answer.

Mario: We showed him the restoration video and really enjoyed it. We had a great conversation about the importance of church. He said he will read the BOM and pray this week. Great guy.

These are some of the people we taught last week. Well, next week I will let you know where my new area is. I love you all so very much!

Elder Plummer

Email from Elder Muro:  So this week is transfers!! The Reign of Elder Plummer and Elder Muro in New City is over :(. E. Plum will be transferred out tomorrow and the dynamic duo will no longer be. It was way fun working together. let me tell ya. having a good friend from back home as a companion is the coolest thing ever. We worked so hard and had PLENTY of fun. haha. Im gonna miss this big guy but we'll play ball after the mish.

All of us struggle with something that keeps us from being perfect. It's always a challenge as humans to be the best we can because Satan is always behind us. He knows us as well as our Heavenly Father does. We have to love each other no matter what happens in life. He will bless us if we keep the commandments though. That's what helps all of us if we do it. (mosiah 2:41) Check out the scripture because it's boss.

I love you all and pray for success for all of you in life.

*pic of Elder Plummer and I with Javier and his family. He can't wait to serve a mission.

Email from Elder Plummer:
Just wanted to let you know really quick that I have been transfered to West New York, New Jersey walking area, right across the river from New York City! It is a beautiful city with lots of people. We cover about a dozen streets because it is a very populated city. My companion is Elder Perez from Las Vegas. He is great! He is half Spaniard and half Mexican. Really cool guy. Well, just wanted to let you know where I am. Love you all dearly!

Elder Plummer

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