Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I love being a messenger of good news (the gospel) October 26, 2015

Learning how to cook breakfast

My new companion, Elder Bennett (the Union City gang)

Hi family!
     Mom, thank you so much for the packet!  I really appreciate it.
The bars and beef jerky was just what I needed, thank you! The festival
looked so fun at the conference center! Send my love to abuelito and
abuelita! This last week we focused on finding new investigators so we
contacted a lot of people.  We found this very prepared lady from the
Dominican Republic.  She has been reading in the BOM and said she is
interested and said when she is committed to something, she is
committed. Tender mercy of the Lord that we found her.
    We also found some former investigators from less active families.
They seem they have some interested.  We found this Peruvian
couple named William.  He lightened up as he and I talked about Peru,
it was fun.  We had a good restoration lesson. We taught simply and
they interacted.  As a mission, we have been trying to focus on being
good teachers and teaching simply.  My comp and I gave a training in
zone conference with a couple of zones about unity.  I was nervous but
it went well.  President gave a powerful training on how he got his
testimony on his mission.  He talked about how people were surprised
that he went on a mission and didn't believe him until he got on the
plane.  It was probably the best training he has ever given. He was
personal and it was powerful.
   My Canadian comp is super cool.  He speaks Spanish very well.
Well, the zone is doing well too.  We are working on getting people on
baptismal date and making sure we teach the importance of the Book of
Mormon.  We have been doing the 90 day challenge in the BOM and has
changed my perceptive and increased my conviction to the gospel.
Everyday I am making it the best I can, and I am giving everything I got.

   I love you all dearly!

Elder Plummer

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