Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What a great week we had, I love this work!!! November 2, 2015

The city that never sleeps


Fall is here

Hey family!
We had a busy week. Monday we played a lot of soccer with the zone
and then went to the noche de Hogar and the ward had a debate about if
we should celebrate Halloween. It was pretty funny. Ended up that we
should celebrate for the kids. Haha

Tuesday we had district meeting in Newark and after we had a fireside
with Danny Humphrey who wrote the Riccardi letter. It was super
spiritual as he expounded on the letter and how he and his comp would
wake up at 4:30am to do role plays. He said he hated it but how it
really helped him. He said his trainer Elder Riccardi after he got
home volunteered to keep an area open for 2 months as the ward mission
leader and even postponed his wedding day! That night we taught Isabel
the importance of reading. As we were teaching her we both felt a
strong impression to drop her. We were very bold with that she needed
to read but we didn't drop her. We are planning to drop her this week.

Wednesday we were in a trio with Elder Wagner while his comp went
to the temple. We had 5 solid lessons, one lesson that stood out is
the one with Denise Lopez. She really is not progressing but has been
inactive of 12 years. We decided to let elder Wagner share something
with little notice. He shared a great video about the guy that served
a mission but then left the church because he stopped doing the little
things. He came back and talked about the joy he feels within the gospel.
She said she needed to hear that. It really boosted Elder Wagners
confidence as a new missionary.

Thursday we visited some less actives and set some goals for them coming
back to church and introducing friends to the gospel. We ended the
night with the Aragons. They are the coolest family! I love them.
Hermano Aragon used to be less active and would drink a lot but he was
activated recently and is now the Elders quorum president. His wife is
the stake primary president. They love having us over for dinner.
They give us haircuts and whatever like we were their kids. They have
given us good referrals.
Friday we had Mission leader council with president. We talked about
the needs and improvements of the mission. Our focus this month is
living worthy of the spirit. We then filmed ourselves teaching the
intro to the BOM. And then evaluated on what we could do better. We
then went to a less actives house to use facebook to communicate with
Juan Antonio. Because of Halloween we went home by 6pm and we talked
with Juan Antonio for 15 min because he called late. He wants me to
come to Peru in two months haha. We talked a little bit about prayer.
This actually happened on Saturday. Sunday we set up to talk at
8:30pm but he didn't answer. We will set something for next week. I
am going to keep on staying focused. Anyways, I love you all dearly!
Excited to see you all soon!

Love, Elder Plummer

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