Monday, March 31, 2014

Missionary life in Dunellen, NJ - SO excited for General Conference!!!! Faith is the Power....

Study time in Dunellen, NJ

"Faith is the power, obedience is the price, love is the motive, the spirit is the key and Christ is the reason"! James E.Faust.

March 31, 2014

Dear Family,
How are you?  This last week has been a slow but an edifying week as well.  We could not get in contact with our investigators Santos, Nelson or Melvin, but have an appointment with Melvin this Thursday.  Hopefully we will meet with Santos this week.  We really tried to focus on getting people to go to the English class.  We have some investigators that will be coming for that this next week.  I am really excited!  I am so excited for General Conference.  We have been talking about it with our less actives and many are committing to watch it.  We promised them that as they watch it with a question in mind, it will be answered and edify them.  This last week we had a feeling to call a less active while we were contacting that we have not seen for a couple weeks.  We have called him every day and this time he answered and we set a time to visit him.  We visited a couple nights later and told us that he just lost his job and has had many health problems.  We planned to teach him about the Atonement which was what he needed to hear.  He committed to come to church that week and read the scriptures more frequently.  We also said farewell to two missionaries and had an opportunity to ask them any question we wanted.  It was a spiritual experience as they told about their funniest, scariest and spiritual story.  I really look up to them.  I also will be getting a new companion this week.  I will let you know next week.  The leather bag has been working great and I am very grateful for the waterproof feature.  Last night the Medina family fed us Papa la Huacaina!  It was really good and not to spicy.  They are a strong family and a great support to the branch.  They are very kind to the missionaries.  We then visited the Manzano family.  They also fed us but luckily it was not a lot.  They are another great family that has really applied the Gospel principles in their lives.  Yesterday we also had a farewell to a sister missionary who will be serving in Augusto Mar Chile mission.  She will be the first sister missionary from the Plainfield Branch.  Sunday was a spiritually uplifting day.  Thank you mom for sharing that thought on not judging others.  I have really seen that when we judge less, we have more room to love.  It is so true!! I love you all so much.  Thank you for your prayers and love.  

Elder Plummer  

A beautiful view from our apartment!

My wonderful district, they are great!!
This is where I live. Our apartment is on the second floor.
We walk by this street every day.
I try to make a smoothie every day, it keeps me going.
I guess, they take turns cutting their hair. A nice way to save some money. The things they learn on their missions.
I just met this great elder from Orem, Utah, he went to Mountain View High School

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