Monday, March 3, 2014

The Work of The Lord moves forward!! Dunellen, March 3, 2014.

March 3, 2014

Hola Familia!

Fue una semana muy ocupada! But very worth it.  Cómo están todos? It has been a great week. Some days have been slow, but great.  Thank you so much mom for the package! It really made our day.  I really liked the protein bar from Good Earth.  Also, could you send the Good Earth protein powder? Tell Tanner to enjoy Valley Forge, I know he will love it. Thank you, mom for the thought on charity from President Monson. It is so true! We taught Santos, our week old investigator about the Doctrine of Christ and he received all the principles very well.  He still has some questions and some minor details we need to explain but he is receiving the Gospel very well.  He came to church yesterday and said he felt good and peaceful and said the doctrine just made sense.  When we visited with him, he opened up with us and said he has been praying for guidance and someone to teach him more about the ways of God.  It was so cool and a great spiritual experience! He also set a new baptismal date around his birthday on April 13th. He is very excited and grows every time we see him. 
      We also got a new investigator/less active. He said he was baptized in Colombia about twenty years ago, but the church has no records of it, so we are considering him a new investigator.  He wants to come back to the church and to be baptized immediately!  So we are going to meet with him on Wednesday and teach him all the lessons and invite him to go to church and be baptized on March 23rd.  We are so excited!!!  We also contacted this guy  on the street from El Salvador and he wants us to teach him the lessons this week!  It turns out the other missionaries were teaching his son and he knows a little about the church.  The Lord has really blessed us.  I felt the spirit very strongly yesterday during fast Sunday and in church.  The testimonies were great and it was great to see Santos attentive at church the whole three hours.  He really felt the Spirit. 
   It is funny, recently a converted family from Mexico (the Manzanos) that fed us Wednesday night, said I looked like Drago from Rocky 4.  Haha!! They are a great family and I have a great time talking with them.  I have been using my Spanish about forty percent of the time and I have felt that I have improved a lot. It’s going to warm up this week into the low forties. At night it gets pretty cold, but we are always warm.  I love you all so much!  Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and love. 
Elder Plummer
P.S.  I will be sending some pictures of my companion and I and pictures from Mexico City too.

One of my favorite Mexico MTC teachers!

My new companion, Elder Jeffries, he is an amazing hard worker and has been in Dunellen for 8 months!

Our study room, my desk is the one to the left!

My bed is the one on the right

Our kitchen

My Mexico MTC District

Transfer day in Dunellen, missionaries being silly!

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