Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Spirit is the Senior Companion in this Work -- Flooding in the streets of New Jersey - July 7, 2014

Querida familia,

Gracias por las fotos de Paris, Francia. It looked like alot of fun. I can tell you guys learned a great deal. I am excited for Heidi to go to Minnesota! She is going to love the Mexico MTC! Well last week was President Taggart's first week. We are going to meet him this Thursday. President loves to golf and is very spiritual and intelligent. His wife sound like she is very energetic. I am excited to meet them. Last week we taught Melvin and he came to church. He told us he usually has a strong temptation to watch the world cup or go out and play soccer, but decided to go to church. We are proud of him and is planning to be baptized July 27th! We have been able to see the light of Christ and has said he is more happier. Hermano Medina, who served in Arequipa, has been doing great followshipping him and has had a great impact on him. We are grateful for him.
    We also taught Efrain and went through the baptismal questions with him. A senior couple called the Baileys have fellowshipped Efrian and have become great friends and they came with us. When we got to the law of chastity, he said that he is living with his girlfriend which we knew and said that he has a plan to resolve it. We told him that he will need to resolve this problem before he was baptized. He was surprised, because he received a phone call from a member saying that he can be baptize and he can figure out his law of chastity problem later. We told him that is not correct and was pretty sad that he might not be able to be baptized by July 25th. He said he is going to think about it and is trying to figure out how he will move out. He is a brave guy and came to church yesterday and has told us he wants to be involved in the church as much as possible. Continue to pray for him! We are going to go meet with him tonight. He is awesome.
We have not been able to meet with Rudy and Reina this last week. But we have called them and have been reading the BOM. We are going to meet with them next week with our first councilor in the branch who are paisanos with them.
   We were not able to meet with Sayria either, but have an appointment with her this week.
> We have met with Raquel twice last week and have been talking about the BOM. She was honest with us last visit and told us she did not want to go to church because she wants to go back to the Pentecostal church she has grown up in. Continue to pray for her as well. She is having a hard time accepting the BOM as scripture. Tonight we are going to bring a sister from the branch that was converted from the Pentocostal church to come and teach with us tonight. I will let you know how it goes. Last week we helped a less active and a former investigator move which took a couple of hours for each of them. We have been getting a lot of rain lately with usually 1 and half to three inches of water. It looks like we might get more thunder storms this week as well. I love you very much, Dad Mom, Tanner and Mckay. I know that this church is true and the spirit is the senior companion.

Elder PLummer

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