Monday, July 14, 2014

Welcoming our new Mission President, President Taggart and his family!

Buenas tardes familia,

Thank you Mckay for the note. I really appreciate it! I hope they have a good time at Zions National Park. I talked to Milko last Saturday night and set up a time on Wednesday, he will take the train down to Dunellen and we are going to have lunch. President Taggart said that you were really nice and he gave me a hug from you. Thank you! What a pleasant surprise. He also told me about Milko as well. You probably already know that Ben got his call to Tokyo, Japan mission! He is so excited.
Thank you for praying for my investigators! Here are there names and their commitments:
Efrain- be prepared for baptism by keeping the law of chastity.
Raquel- Reading Alma 40 and praying to know if the BOM is true.
Samuel- continue to read the BOM and remember his appointments :)
Melvin-continue to meet with us, attend church and read his scriptures.
Samuel works two jobs and is very busy and is usually very tired when he comes home and forgets our appointments. He is great though and wants to change his way of life.
We also taught Sariah from Ecuador the Restoration. She was very attentive and said that the great apostasy makes sense and there was a great spirit during the recitation of the first vision. We committed her to read 3 Nephi 11 and pray about the BOM. Yesterday at church we had five less actives at church. Two of them went on their own without us reminding them. We are very proud of them.
Yesterday we found the part member family that we were teaching back in May but had to drop them because they were never home. We taught them about keeping commitments and we reestablished our expectations. It was a very spiritual lesson and asked them why we ask them to keep commitments? They said to get us closer to God. We recommitted them to keep all the commitments we leave them. We are also going to help them with their English as well. We have been helping some less actives with their English and sometimes we teach them a gospel and an English lesson. President and Sister Taggart are very intelligent and hard working people and very spiritual. They brought with them their 17 year old daughter, Emily and their10 year old daughter,Sophie. They are just an awesome family. I know that this church is true and I know that we are assisting in God's work.

I love you Dad, Mom, Tanner and Mckay.

Elder Plummer

Rehearsing for a talent show and being silly!!! It does help sometimes to relax!

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