Thursday, July 31, 2014

What a week, lots of developments..... I will probably be transferred next week!!! 7.28.2014 Feliz fiestas patrias, Peru!!!

Jose Mercado (an investigator) gave us this Real Madrid Jerseys, so nice of him to do that

Brother Yaurivilca from Peru and his son, he is an amazing member missionary

Marcia (an investigator) and I at her house
Que mas familia!

This is how our Colombian investigator greets us. She is awesome. I am glad all is well and has been a productive summer. It is highly likely that I will be transferred next Tuesday. I will know this Sunday. I have been in Plainfield for almost six months but feels like it has gone fast. Here is the latest with our investigators:
Efrian: We met with him last Wednesday and shared John 21. We replaced Peter with his name and it read" Efrian love me more than these." (Referring to his sin) He responded well to the lesson and said that there will be a change coming soon to either separate or to get married with his girlfriend. He is still coming to church and wants to get baptized.
Sariah: She could not meet with us this last week but is reading the BOM. We have an appointment with her this week.
Reina and Rudy: We have not seen them for almost a month but they still want us to come back. They are still reading the BOM and have set up an appointment with them this Thursday.
Jose: We have picked up a new investigator named Jose is from Guatemala. We made a deal if we visit his church; he comes and visits our church. We went to his church which was an Evangelical church, there was alot of yelling and singing. It was an interesting experience. He forgot to come to our church but have an appointment with him tomorrow.
Juanchi: He is almost dropped; he has confirmed three appointments and all of them have fallen through. We are going to give him one more chance.
Raquel: We taught her last week after not teaching her for almost two and half weeks. We talked about the BOM and gave her a bible study sheet about verses about the BOM. We met with her two days later and she did alot of the bible study sheet. She said that she will read and pray about it.
Marcia: She knows that the church is true and is very kind to us. Her two sons and her boyfriend are baptized but have been less active for awhile. She has been living with her boyfriend for almost 25 years. She also was previously married and is trying to get divorced but cannot find him. We are encouraging her to be more proactive in finding him or seeking other options.
Melvin: He came to church yesterday after not coming for two weeks. He still wants to be baptized so he can replace his lost records. He is slowly progressing. We are meeting with him tonight. 
We have been also teaching less actives as well. Last week, President Taggart asked us to look for the future leaders of Plainfield among the less actives. We are working with Jose Mercado who has not come to church for over a month. He says he does not want to go to church. I felt prompted to invite him to come back not only to be served but to serve as President Taggart asked us to do. Jose said he is not ready but said he will prepare to come back to church. The spirit was very strong. Also Elder Germaine had lunch with him last week in Plainfield and said they had a good time. I love you all so very much. Dad, Mom, Tanner and Mckay. Thank you for all your support.
Elder Plummer

Ximena and Kris, recent converts

Vilma (less active) and her daughter at a church activity

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