Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Beginnings, new area and new school year for the Plummers - August 19, 2014

Querida Familia,

Tanner, are you excited for you senior year!? I am excited for your job at Subway and I am also excited for Mckay as well for his first year in high school. We had a spectacular week! Yesterday I translated the sacrament meeting which went ok. There were many speakers that would talk fast but I was able to sum up the idea, so it went well. There was one speaker who was using a lot of scientific terms and I did not know how to translate but was able to somewhat keep up. It was a very spiritual meeting. We just had a couple move ins, one of them is a couple, both went to BYU and served full time missions. The wife is from Laos and the husband is from Pakistan and his father was a Muslim. He gave a great talk last week on how he and his mom tried to attend church in Saudi Arabia but the many difficulties they had and also how the church is growing in the country. It was a great story. He was just called as 1st counselor in the elders quorum presidency and we are excited to get him involved in missionary work. We also taught the Spanish doctrine class about charity and also taught Eternal Marriage in Priesthood. I will send some pictures of the apartment next week.
Thank you so much. The GPS works great but I think I am going to return it because it cost $180 and I can get a cheaper one, like at walmart. All we need is just the basic functions. But we will see. We do our laundry in the basement of the apartment complex which is really nice.
These are the following investigators we have been teaching:
Rosa: We taught Rosa last week about repentance with her daughter Heldia who is 9 or 10. We first started off the lesson by having Heldia read the story about when Nephi and his brothers went back to Jerusalem to get the plates from the simplified picture book. After she finished Rosa said that she felt very peaceful while her daughter was reading that. We then started talking about the repentance process and she really received it well and opened up to us on some grudges she has had toward other people and how she wants to forgive them. While we were conversing, a father came in to pick up his kids that Rosa looks after and she invited him to come listen to us and he accepted. His name is Freddie and as we were talking he expressed his faith on how repentance has changed him. We had a good conversation and got his contact information and we are going to set up a time to meet with him. After he left, Rosa said she wanted to go to church and we talked about getting her a ride. We were very excited. It ended up that her boss called her in for work that Sunday but said she will come next Sunday.
Sulma: We did not see her this last week because she had a lot of work, but we tried to call her every other day and said she has been reading and praying. We are excited for her!
Mario and Mario Jr. We also did not see them last week due to his work schedule and we have been trying to set up another appointment with him. We are going to stop by next week and check up on Mario's shoulder as well.
Natalia: She was busy this last week as well, but we have been planning lessons to get her on a baptismal date. She knows that the church is true but has a hard time committing to give up coffee. She has been investigating for six years so we are going to be lovingly bold. :) I am excited
Saturday night the bishop invited us over for dinner. We had a great time and had hamburgers and played some Book of Mormon Jeopardy. It was a very fun and spiritual night with their family. Later that night the sisters received a call from a Haitian member whose mother had just passed away and was really having a hard time. She asked for a priesthood blessing but said that we could come tomorrow because it was almost nine. But we felt prompted to go right away, so we did and when we got there she was just crying and could not find peace. My companion shared how Christ was perfect and knew that everything will work out and when his friend Lazerus died he cried and told her it is ok to cry. We gave her the blessing and after, she said she was more at peace and feels that she will be able to sleep now. It was a great spiritual experience. We felt a great peace after that.
One strategy to contact that I have found very effective is starting with a question. We have had many spiritual street lessons which President Taggart has been pushing on the spiritually connecting. We also have set up appointments with promising potentials this next week as well. We have also been trying former investigators which we have found success. We have two that we are going to see next week and we also got a referral from a former sister who was there cleaning. She said she is open to listen but is very Catholic, but said to come back and teach her sister and maybe her if she has time. 

 I love you Dad, Mom, Tanner and Mckay all so much. Good luck this year at school Tanner and Mckay! I am so excited for you.

Love, Elder Plummer

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