Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Spectacular week here in New City, NY - August 25, 2014

Buenos Dias Familia!

Este semana fue de lo mas bien! Tuvimos 25 lecciones con 13 miembros presentes con investigadores este semana! Tambien hemos conseguido 4 nuevos investigadores!

Thank you so much mom for sending those pictures! The banner is really cool, Tanner! I am excited for you! I am glad Mckay is enjoying Timpanogos. I like you red hair mom, it looks good! I also did not receive the package yet, my companion said it sometimes takes three days to send them here. Should be coming today. Thank you for sending that! Yesterday we had stake conference and the topic was on missionary and temple work! Our stake president spoke as well as a newly called bishop that was converted 5 years ago. It was a great conference. We drove with our amazing 1st councilor of the elder quorum to the conference. They recently moved from New Mexico. Brother Baldwin served a mission in Korea and was a doctor in LA for 10 years but decided to to pursue business with his wife. He has so many Ph.d's and is really humble. They are huge BYU fans which is so cool. We are going to sit down this Wednesday with him and have a plan of attack to find all the inactives in our ward.
This is how our new investigators and investigators are doing:
Freddy: We found Freddy through our investigator Rosa when she invited his kids to sit in and listen to us. We had a great conversation about faith and sit up a next appointment and gave him the BOM and committed him to read the introduction . We met with him the next week and taught about the BOM. To our surprise he read the introduction and said he believes it is true! We explained more about the background of the BOM and had a great lesson on scripture reading. We met with him again that same week and taught the restoration. The spirit was strong and at the end we invited him to be baptized. He said that he was baptized by the Evangelists and told us that all churches are of God. We re explained the apostosy and told him that if he believes the BOM is true then this is the only true church. He then said again that all we need to do is accept Christ in our hearts. We then invited him to read and pray to know if our message is true! He said he will. It was a great lesson!

Eli: Elder Pearson and his last companion have been trying this guy that they contacted on the street for awhile. We went last Saturday and right when we approached his door he drove in from work and said that he had some time to listen to us. We did a how to began teaching and explained more about the BOM. We read alittle of the introduction and committed him to ask God if the BOM and our message is true. There was a strong spirit and we could see his desire to follow God. He said he will do it.
Mario Jr.: We visited him last Friday and taught him the first lesson of the restoration. He had so many great questions about the church and even went on mormon.org to chat with some missionaries but were not available. He then asked his questions to his relative who is actually serving a mission in Colombia via facebook! He said he was going to call us but thought that 8:30 was too late for us. We reassured him that we will try to answer any questions he has at any time. One question he had is if we worshiped Joseph Smith and quickly cleared that up through the restoration lesson. He asked us as well about the Word of Wisdom and we are going to teach him that next week. We committed him to read and pray about the BOM and our message and to attend church. He said he really wants to go and will come this week to church. He has been very prepared for our message by his relatives.

Moises: He is from the DR and is 14 years old. He is mature for his age and has been reading and praying about the BOM. He wants to come to church but his mom will not let him. She like when we teach him but is very Catholic. We had a good lesson about the 10 commandments and committed him to keep reading and praying.
Natalia: she is the one with the coffee problem and we decided to have a lesson about the truthfulness of the BOM and Joseph Smith. We started asking her questions like if she knew the BOM is true? She said she has read it cover to cover and knew that it is true. We then asked if she knew Joseph Smith was a prophet? We then found the problem that she did not know. We then committed her to pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and said she would. We them shared to story of King Lamoni's father and how he was willing to give away all his kingdom and sings to know God. We then applied it to her and asked what are you willing to abandon to know God and feel this redeeming joy? She said she did not know and is going to pray about it. We committed her to come to church this Sunday which at first she was hesitant because of all the grandchildren she has to take care of but assured her that there are willing member to help her take care of them when they come to church. Great lesson.

Rosa: We had a great lesson on faith with her and her daughter Helida. It felt more like a conversation and we were all contributing to the lesson. We then switched gears and talked about baptism and taught about why Christ was baptized. We then invited her to be baptized, it got all of sudden quite and said she was not sure and said she will need to think about it and talk with her husband. We invited her to pray about it as well. She did commit to come to church which we are very excited!
We had a great experience last Wednesday where we were walking down a street trying to find people to contact when we saw this African American man with his daughter sitting in front of there house. We said hello and kept walking. A couple seconds later and yells out to us asking if we wanted some water. We accepted and next thing we knew he was asking all kinds of amazing questions about the church. He was very impressed about what we did and was truly touched. He is a guard at the local juvenile center were he sees the worse of young teenagers. He is a very strong Christian and said that he listens to the bible every night on his phone before he goes to bed. My companion felt inspired to show him the Because of Him video on his phone. We watched it and he was really moved by the video. He said that we brought a lot of hope to him for the rising generation and said that if we needed anything to just call him. We got all his contact information and asked him if we could send the sisters that teach in English and said he would love it. It was a great spiritual experience. The sisters met with him on Saturday and was very receptive to the message and committed him to read the BOM. We are excited for him! New city is the city were the chapel is and where the majority of the members live. We live in Nanuet which is right next to New city. It is a very green area. I love you all so very much! Thank you for your continual prayers and love for me! Hope you all have a spectacular week.

By the way, Nanuet is in the Town of Clarkstown Rockland County, New York, located north of Pearl River; south of New City; east of Spring Valley and west of West Nyack. It is 19 miles north of Manhattan, and 2 miles north of the New Jersey border.

Elder Plummer

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