Monday, November 10, 2014

"He will make weak things be strong unto us....."

Dear Family,
Thanks for the pictures of your Dallas trip mom and dad. Looked like you had a lot of fun. We are going to try to make the papa a la huancaina sometime this week. I will let you know how it goes. We will try the tallarin verde as well. Members feed us once every two weeks which is a good amount. I am going to try to eat healthier. I have felt we have been doing good eating good but we will improve. I have just been maintaining weight as well. Looks like for Thanksgiving we will be eating with the McCarter family who are amazing cooks. They are an awesome family; both RM and super funny. Thank you for sending a package! I think just a lot of protein bars and snacks will do. Thank you.
This is how our investigators are doing:
Alejandro: He is progressing very well and wants to be baptized. We will have to move his baptismal date November 16th to a couple weeks back because of his lack of attendance at church. He has been having a hard time getting work off on Sundays because of his boss. We decided that we would do a fast and asked if they would like to join. They accepted and designated a day that we would fast which was last Thursday. We met with them last Saturday and taught them the 10 commandments which went very well. He said that he is going to ask his boss on Sunday so we are still waiting for his bosses response.
Ana: She is a new investigator we picked up from Ecuador. We introduced the BOM to her and was not to sure if she will have time to read it. The next time she said she did not read the intro so we read with her. This time she was more attentive and asked the right questions. We have an appointment with her this week.
Victoria: She is the daughter of a less active that is coming back to church. She is nine years old and we have asked to teach her. They are from Haiti and are so awesome. We have taught her the restoration and the plan of salvation and understood it. We gave her a childrens BOM and has read almost half of it already in one day! She is progressing well.
Daniella: She is a new investigator that we picked up from Ecuador with two girls. She said she has not had time to go to church because she works all the time. But said that this is the push she needs to go. We had a great first lesson with her about the BOM and invited us back for next Thursday.
Mario Jr. He came to church yesterday! He really enjoyed priesthood but not really sacrament meeting. We also taught him law of chastity last week and said that he just got married to his girlfriend that he has been living with for eight years six months ago! We were so happy for him. We invited him for baptism but said he needs a little more time.
Rosalino: Taught him the 10 commandments which went very well. He has been progressing well. We are still working with him to understand that there is only one true church. He is great and has a strong testimony of Christ.
Filadelfo: We taught him 10 commandments as well after a couple weeks not seeing him. He is still reading in the BOM and his reading ability is also still improving. He is so awesome still trying to help him understand that keeping the Sabbath day holy is important.
Ruben: This is our investigator we have not seen in a little while. He welcomed us back warmly and we had a great restoration lesson. We committed him to read 2 Nephi 31. He gave us a great summary of the introduction as well. He is awesome!
We are going to start focusing on less actives such as Paul, Glendy and Hermano Chinchilla. My Spanish is getting a little bit better with the help of Elder Muro. Grateful to be a missionary. I really like the scripture in Ether 12: 27. I know it is true as the Lord has strengthened my weaknesses. I love you Dad, Mom, Tanner and Mckay very much!
Elder Plummer

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