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October 27, 2014 - "If God be with us, who can be against us?" Romans 8:31

The languages spoken in our district
Our awesome funny district

Hermana Montero makes the best Dominican food around:)

Emmanuel (our Haitian member) best team ever!

Cómo están?
Another terrific week and many miracles!
I had a great experience last Thursday night. We were at a ward activity when suddenly I had the impression to call a potential member that we contacted a week ago. When I called her she was  happy to hear from us and was more than willing to set up an appointment with us for this weekend. We went that Friday and ended up that she was not there but her husband was and invited us in. He is from Ecuador and speaks quechua! I told him that I knew a couple vocab words from my dad and grandmother and was very surprised. He then explained that there are many types of dialects of quechua,  it was a fun conversation. We then introduced the BOM and explained that the record could be of his ancestors. That really perked his attention and said that he will read the introduction. Great lesson! His name is Ruben and can not pick him up as an investigator until the second lesson to see if he has more commitment, but sure we will pick him up soon.
This is how our investigators are doing:
Rosalino: I taught Rosalino when I was on exchange with our district leader Elder Leon who is from Lima, Peru! We finished the Plan of Salvation and responded very well. We invited him to be baptized again but said he needs more time. Then, Elder Leon taught him how to pray but we are working with him to say his prayers vocally. He is so awesome.
Glendy: She is an less active that we finally found her after two and half months of not seeing her. She said that she has had some doubts about the church and the organization. We reminded her that it is ok to sometimes have doubts but to go to the source of all truth which is ask of God. We shared James 1:5 and encouraged her to not listen to the lies that her sister tells her about the church but to ask God with real intent. She said she will and we have an return appointment next week.
Iris: We taught her the first half of the plan of salvation and said that this is a beautiful plan and has always wondered where she came from. We had to stop half way due to time but she really wanted to know where we go after we die? We left her with that question and some homework in the plan of salvation pamphlet. She responded well to the lesson and we will see her next week. We are working with her to read the BOM and pray, but says she is always taking care of her kids and has some opposition from her husband. But she is trying.
Alejandro/Rosa: We taught them the importance of church attendance, praying and reading scriptures by using an object lesson with pennies to direct our life's towards Christ. They really like the object lesson and had some friends of Rosa and Alejandro that listen very intensively. Great lesson. Alejandro found out that his boss said that he can not go in early to work on Sunday so he could be able to go to church at 10am. He said though that is not going to stop him and is going to talk to someone higher up in rank. He is so awesome and is excited for his baptism on November 16th. We just got to get him to attend church three times before he is baptized. I know the Lord will provide a way!!!
Mario: We taught him as well the importance of scripture reading, church attendance and praying by using the object lesson the pennies. He liked it as well. He said that he has not been reading in the BOM due to a lot of work but really wants to go to church. He has been trying as well to get work off but his boss is very harsh but said he will be passively persistent. It was a great lesson.
Bishop: We had dinner with bishop last Saturday night and we had pork, potatoes and salad which was very good. Bishop Weiss is so funny! He grew up in Europe and knows Italian, German and a little bit of Spanish. He has a fun accent and has some dry fun humor. He told us his conversion story in New York City through his wife who was a model in Manhattan. He was amazed by the peace and selflessness of his wife at the time that he wanted so badly to get that peace. It was a really cool story. They are a very service oriented family. They are awesome.
Moses: We taught him the importance of tithing and shared the scripture in Malachi about the promised blessings for paying. He understood it very well and said that he will pay when he is baptized. We also talked to his mom who is a very devoted Catholic about him going to church and mutual and that she will be able to meet the adult that will be picking him up. That was her primary concern that adults she did not know picking up her son. She said that is ok and said we will bring our member next week. Our member is also Dominican so we think they will hit it off great!
Evia: She is from Mexico and is a referral that the sisters gave us like a month and a half ago. She just had a baby and was recovering these past couple weeks which is why we could not see her. She started off saying that she only believes the bible and that she will not change from being Catholic. We introduced the Book of Mormon in a way that she could experiment to see if the book is not true. She responded well to our approach and said she will give the book a try and pray about it. She said that she will call us when she has read the chapters we assigned her to read and prayed about it.

So, for Halloween we have to go home in early on the 30th and the 31st at 6pm due to a lot of pranks that happens on those two nights. So we will be most likely planning, cooking or watching 17 Miracles. We will see. I love my mission and I have grown so much spiritually. Just want to share Romans 8: 31 which reads, "What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?" I know that is scripture is true that with God on our side all things are possible and that there is nothing that we can not overcome. Love you all.
Elder Plummer

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