Monday, June 1, 2015

I am in Trenton now with a new comp, Elder Mendez from Honduras!!

We kind of baptized two people here, Stephanie is expecting!!


It has been crazy these past couple days! So I'm in Trenton and it has
been great. It's a little rough place but we will manage. My
companion is Elder Mendez from Honduras. He is a great missionary. He
is 26 years old but looks like he is 18! Such a good guy! So we are
doubled into the area which means they took out the former elders and
they put two new elders. We mostly have been visiting members and less
actives to help us get to know the area. So mom, when we got here we
were both did not have any money. So I spent $45 on food and some
medicine for allergies for my companion. But he already paid me back.
I hope it is ok?
We have been busy with a lot of zone leader responsibilities. We
have been going to meetings, gathering numbers and planning trainings.
It has been a humbling experience to see how the spirit works through
us. It is a driving area and we have combined with another area.
We have seen some amazing miracles.
Second day here we contacted this guy named Fidel. We set an
appointment with him yesterday and we had a great intro about the Book
of Mormon. His whole family was there and the spirit was so strong as
we testified that they could be an eternal family. They invited us
back and we invited them to church.
Pray for them!
We also had a baptism, her name is Stephanie. She is
from Colombia and she was well taught by the last elders. Super ready.
Great to see her baptized.
Well, family love you all dearly! Congrats on Tanner being ordained to an elder!

 E. Plummer

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