Friday, October 9, 2015

General Conference and a wonderful service project in Passaic, NJ with Matt Lauer and The Today Show!

Matt Lauer from the Today show and our wonderful zone in Passaic, NJ helping build a park for dear children

Great things happen when Microsoft, Carmax and the LDS missionaries work together - October 5, 2015

A picture of all of us at the end, with the finished project - a beautiful new park in Passaic, NJ

Hey family,
This last week we found some people willing to listen to our
message. We met this lady named Ana from the DR by knocking doors.
That day we learned in MLC to teach the restoration in 4 minutes. So
we tried with her. The spirit was very strong and she accepted to come
to general conference the next day. The next day we reminded her to
come and got her a ride. At the last minute the guy that was going to
pick her up said his car was not turning on. I hung up the phone and
said a prayer. Next couple of minutes the brother calls back and says he
will take his dad's car. Prayer answered! Ana came and was very
attentive in all the talks and was fellowshipped very well. She liked
her experience there and we went by her house that night. We had a
another powerful lesson of the restoration but this time with her mom
and dad. We went more in depth about the importance of baptism and the
need to be baptized by authority. They understood this as well and
when we invited them for baptism for the October 25th, they accepted.
We assigned them to read the intro of the BOM. So cool! The Lord is
assisting us in His work.
I loved the talk by E. Holland about the role of mothers. It made
me think a lot of you mom and everything you have done for me. I
liked E. Uchtdorfs talk on faith. Super good.
Well, I love you all! It is back up in the 70s now.
Love you all,

Elder Plummer

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