Friday, October 9, 2015

The spirit was present - September 14, 2015

Baptismal Interview in Dover, the spirit was present
Hermano Amado from Peru, sharing their delicious Peruvian food, frijoles con pescado

Good morning!
How is every one? Man, we have had a good week. I realized my diet
is getting bad, we eat a lot of quesadillas and fast food. My comp and
I are thinking of doing the Palio diet were we avoid all carbs and
only eat veggies, fruits and protein. We will see if it actually happens
haha. For my birthday I am fine with what ever. Money would be good.
We hear BYU is doing good in football! We are excited! But I am
going to stay focused.
It is getting down into the high 60s with the wind chill. It feels great!
So we have lost all contact with Steven and his mom and when we went
by there house they came to the door and looked through the peep hole
and walked away:( that was hard. Marcos did not come to church so we
are not for sure if he will be on track for baptism but we will see.
We will see him tonight. Isabel is progressing well she is reading.
She is cool we have a lot of fun with her.
We finally got this less active activated named Valarde. He came
to church yesterday and paid tithing! We are excited for him his next
goal is to work on the word of wisdom and then go the temple.
We are finding a lot of people and at first they are excited and
then they do not progress. So, we are going to go back to how we can
teach more simply and make the people more involved. One of my comps
suggested bringing a small white board around and writing the words they
don't know. We will see. Also dad, I like the schedule for BYU looks
good for now. Also, this member gave me some Doterra oils and helped
me a lot, so I would love some oils! Anyways, I love you
all so very much. Dad, thank you for your devotion as a bishop and
having time to spend with us. Great example for me. I love you!

Elder Plummer

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