Friday, October 9, 2015

I can't believe I am turning 21 years old! Elder Christopherson came to reorganize a stake!

It was great to hear Elder Christopherson speak!!

all the September birthdays!

P-day and celebrating birthdays by the bay

Thanks for the Doterra oils, they are wonderful!

Good morning mom!
Thank you so much for the package! I am sending a thank you card in
the mail. The oils have been helping! The cake is super good! And
thank you for the money as well! It made my day. Thank you, I love you!
So I was wondering if you could do me a favor. Some members want me to
make them papa la huancaina and I was wondering if abuelito is feeling
well if he could tell you the recipe and send it to me today. I am
going to buy the ingredients today. I want to try to make it like
    I can't believe I am turning 21! Thanks again for the package! I
will start taking the vitamins this week. I also got the card from
grandma and grandpa as well. This week was kind of slow but towards
the weekend it picked up. Give my best to Bishop Olsen and his
counselors! I know they will do great. Elder Christoferson came to
our mission to add a new stake and realign some of the boundaries.
They called a new stake president and released some as well. Union
city is now part of the Liberty park stake and we now have a new stake
president. Cool experience they talked about how they felt a good
spirit during this whole experience. Elder Christoferson talked about
his childhood here in Somerset, New Jersey and his time that he spend
at the Hill Cumorah Pageant. He evoked a special blessing on all of
that as we live the gospel there will be enough food on our tables
and then said no matter the economic struggles of our time. I left
with such peace and a reassurance that this is the Lords church and
guides it through prophets.
This last week we visited a lot of less actives. We are working a
lot with Denise Lopez from Honduras. She has not come to church in 8
years. She is slowly but surely praying and reading again.
We saw Marcos on the the street the other day and set up an
appointment with him. We don't know how sincere he is but we are going
to gage it tonight.
Isabel is on and off, she reads and then she doesn't but is
progressing. She is still praying about baptism and said she would
like to go to church a couple more times.
Cool miracle happened on Friday night. We were out with a member
visiting our investigators when a lot of them cancelled the
appointment all of a sudden. It continued to happen until the end the
night and felt disappointed because we couldn't teach with the member.
When this guy this comes up to us and asks if he can have a BOM in
English. We said we didn't but asked if we could come by another time.
He then asked if we could tell him more about the book. This is a
missionaries dream. So we started teaching him until we had to get
going. Next day he actually juked out the appointment, but we are going to
try this week though. It was a tender mercy of the Lord. Well, love
you all so much. Thank you for your support and love.

Love, Elder Plummer

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